389 Incredibly Difficult Words … 111 Still To Go

389 Incredibly Difficult Words … 111 Still To Go

Today, I wrote a grand total of 389 words, and they were incredibly hard to write. Not because I didn’t have enough words, but because I had too many.

I am currently trying to write a synopsis of my novel, Watching, for a competition … the deadline being midnight tomorrow. The synopsis must be 500 words long, so I’m faced with the problem of summarising the plot, characterisation, and general themes of an 86,000 word novel in 1/172th of its length. Ouch!

So far I have done 389 words of it. Unfortunately, I’m only halfway through the plot. I’ll let you know how it goes when I have finished, and have polished up the first 5,000 words, since they’re being submitted too. Gosh, this whole submitting thing is stressful, isn’t it?

Have you written a synopsis and if so, was it hard, or did you know exactly what you were doing?

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  1. I admire what you’re doing – I can’t write short things to save my life nowadays. Especially condensed things. Just ask my poor English teacher who had to do battle with my coursework on Othello with me – squishing it into 1500 words was just about the hardest thing I’ve ever done xP

  2. Yeah, I’ve written a synopsis when I queried my first novel. It’s extremely difficult and you have to really learn to stick to the key components of your plot and show only the most important characters. I have a lot of sub-plots and minor characters in everything I write. You just need to let them go for a synopsis. 500 words isn’t that bad, actually. Is this for agents? This website really helped me. The author is a #1 NYT bestseller so her advice is pretty good… Scroll down to the bottom where she talks about “Conquering the dreaded synopsis in ten lectures”. Read them all, stick to the key components of your plot and make sure not to cram everything in there. http://lisagardner.com/writers-toolbox Good luck! :D

    1. It’s for a competition – 50 word biography, 500 word synopsis, 5000 word extract (first 5k). I’m finding it a nightmare. All the tips I’ve been able to find so far have been for writing a synopsis that’s about 5 pages long, and mine will be 1 page … so not really what I’m looking for!
      Thanks for the link though. I have to go out now, but I’ll check it out later.

  3. I’ve always found synopsis-writing difficult. I want to reveal all sorts of juicy, intriguing details, but that eats up the word count before I’m past the first five chapters. Thankfully I’ve never had to write a synopsis for querying or submission, so I still have a bit of time to polish those skills. Good look with your synopsis!

    1. Yes! That’s exactly what I find! And everyone’s like, put in all the main characters, but don’t put in too many names, just two or three. Huh? I have, like, six POVs in my novel, because so many people die. I write in 1st person switching and so I have a lot of main characters :/

  4. Phew, good luck. I will have to do that for a competition, too, quite soon. But I’m only submitting a short story with about 4k words, so it should (!) not be too difficult.

    1. It should be slightly easier as there are probably fewer characters, but often short stories have a lot of plot too. I think the hardest thing with this was including enough character/emotion while not missing out the plot.

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