The Dalek Ate The Cookies

The Dalek Ate The Cookies

To be perfectly honest with you, blog readers, I have absolutely no idea why I just named this post The Dalek Ate The Cookies. Reasons could include the fact that ‘Happy New Year’ is a very common theme during this season, or that I’ve never had a post entitled that. I think, perhaps, I just wanted to draw your attention without being clichéd. I don’t want you to log on and see another post just like all the other ones you’ve seen. I want to be unique!

Unfortunately, this post probably is just like all the others you’ve seen, for it’s about the New Year. 2012 already!

My New Year’s memory is from … well, ten years ago. When you take into consideration my age, it’s astonishing I can remember it at all. My memory is of my grandfather and my uncle sitting on chairs by the radiator in our kitchen, and one of them turned to the other – possibly Andrew to my grandad? – and said, “Well, well, well, 2002 already.”

In ten years, quite a lot of things have changed. Our kitchen has been reorganised and you can’t fit two chairs next to the radiator, for a start. My grandfather passed away just over a year and a half ago, which is possibly the major blockage to that memory being re-enacted.

This year, I spent New Year’s Eve with my parents. Actually, I was reading a book for about an hour before midnight – always the sociable one, me. We watched the fireworks on the BBC, as we’ve done for several years now, and I can tell you this – they were beautiful! However, I have no desire to see them up close, because when you consider the noise… TV is close enough for me, thanks!

(We then got distracted watching Lee Mack, and were up until goodness knows what time, even though we turned it off half way through.)

At twelve minutes past midnight I received the following text – “Blwyddyn yn hapus newydd”. I’m going to assume it means “Happy New Year” in Welsh; Lissie does that every year, and Christmas too. It’s a little more interesting than the traditional group message, I can tell you!

And I’ve finally decided on a name for my writing mascot, the Dalek alarm clock on my desk. So I suppose there is a dalek in this post, even if it didn’t eat the cookies (we don’t have any cookies in my house at the moment. We do have some Chocolate Digestives which are, by the way, biscuits). He’s called Igor, and he’s a dalek from the RTD era, in that he’s kind of bronze-coloured. His eye stalk falls off every now and again, but I think the superglue is holding.

I know it’s a new year when I take my pad of paper and start a fresh sheet saying BOOKS I’VE READ – 2012. So far it’s blank. I’m debating whether I can include “Thud!” which I started at 11 yesterday and have almost finished.

What do you think? Does a book you started an hour before the year count as a book you read in 2012? And what particularly signifies a new year?

(And, if applicable, do you have a writing mascot? What’s it called?)

Wishing you a very happy new year from myself and Igor the Dalek :)

10 thoughts on “The Dalek Ate The Cookies

  1. I think it most definitely counts. I have a couple of books I started in 2011 and am finally picking up again this year, and I’m going to count them in this year’s page.

  2. Igor the Dalek … coolest thing ever. And I LOVE Thud! Brilliant book. Terry Pratchett just gets funnier every time I read one of his books, haha!

    As for a writing mascot, mine has to be Llewellyn the little red dragon. You’ve met him on my blog before doubtless xD

  3. Hm, since I’d consider a book read only after I have finished reading it, I think you should include that book on your list.
    And also, have a great 2012 you! With lots of adventures, writing, music, and whatever else you’ll need :).

  4. You should have cookies soon. In fact I shall make the effort to get those cookies sent out to you THIS week. :}

    Anyway if you finish a book in 2012 it counts for 2012. No if you’d finished it at 11:59:59 on 12/31/2011, well then it’d be last years book. So basically I’m agreeing with everyone else…

    Now, as to a writing mascot. I suppose it could be the framed picture Gabriel did for me of Sarah and Jason, but that’s sort of one book ish… Maybe I should move my ceramic Duckie from work to home (It’s the duck that held my engagement ring when my hubby proposed). Or perhaps Uni, the stuffed Unicorn that’s been with me for a very long time… Or maybe I need something completely different…

    :} Cathryn

    1. That’s cute, to have a framed picture. I’m still looking for a model for Jennie to do some photography, though with recent developments I’m not sure how easy that will be.

  5. Just as a random thought, Daleks Ate My Cookies would also be a cool band name.
    I’m not sure if it’s technically a writing mascot or just a mascot in general, but I often carry around a Slinky. It does help as a brainstorming tool….and it’s just fun.

    1. That’s an awesome mascot, and you’re right. We’re thinking of going with CSI: Gallifrey as our name (trying to get permission from the person who invented it *grin*), but it could also work for an album! Since we do all sorts of nerdy music, it could be for a DW themed album, whereas something to do with Vogon Babies would work for Hitchhiker’s.

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