Books You Should Read

Books You Should Read

A few of my favourite books (click through to YouTube and read the description for a list of those that I should have included here) at this moment in time, and books you should read.

If you’ve got an email subscription you’ll probably need to click through to watch this.

3 thoughts on “Books You Should Read

  1. Oh my gooses I think I actualyy understood you the whole time. *grin* It’s the pond effect. I’m sure everyone on yoru side understand you perfectly. But I do have to say – Hold the books still while you talk about them! *grin* (I know very hard to do.)

    Otherwise. I think the only one in there that I’ve read to was the Hobbit. :}

    1. What do you mean you think you actually understood me the whole time? O.o
      Sorry, I got bored of holding them. If you click through to YouTube, though, I’ve put the name of the book and the author in the description, if anyone wants to look them up.

  2. Hiya. So sorry that I’m late on this – totally forgot – but here’s the schedule for the blog chain. I’m sorry that I’m doing this through comments. I don’t have time to get everyone’s email together. Please excuse my idiocy and show our first blogger some love (yes, it started today. I’m sorry. I guess I’ll blame school. ) Oh and you’re welcome to delete this comment.
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    January 12– — A Farewell to Sanity
    January 13 – — Red Herring Online
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