Skies and Lights

Skies and Lights

I do not have the brainpower or the time for a writing post, so…


This is the sky from the bus stop at which I am standing right now (or was, when I wrote that sentence). One of the things I’ve enjoyed since I got a new phone is the ability to take high quality photos anywhere and anywhen – not possible with my old hand set, which hadn’t got around to colour screens.

I’ve taken a few nice pictures recently, often early in the morning at temperatures of zero degrees or fewer.

Here is one of my favourites.


Because I’m often half blinded by the lights I’m looking at, it can be rather hard to see exactly what the photo will look like before I take it. For example, with this one the ground is rather wonky but it was too dark on screen to see that. However, sometimes they come out looking unintentionally arty.

I try to avoid having human objects, like pylons or telephone wires, in my pictures – I prefer having it look natural. However, it can be pretty effective. I like the way the telephone wires cut across the picture below. The battery was rather low on my phone by this point and the photo is slightly less clear than the others – not helped by the fact I was walking so couldn’t hold it still!














And one last picture for today, taken while I was waiting at the bus stop (totally a good use of time!).



I’ll leave you with those for today.

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