Iron Cold

Iron Cold

A song/poem I wrote in my notebook earlier today. Let me know what you think!

Write me a story, sing me a song
Tell me it’s ending and we won’t be here long
Watch the world burn as all right turns to wrong
And hear the bells ring, hear the call of the gong.

We ride through the night in the blackest shadows
We’re tired and we bleed and everyone knows
That we lost the fight with the dead when they rose
But the world still turns, it’s how this thing goes.

My dreams are the sights that no one should see
My shackles are iron and I’ll never be free
I shout in the dark but the hated are we
Won’t you stop and write a new story for me?

I can hear the bells ring, I will follow the gong
I watch the world burn when all rights are wrong
We see it ending – we won’t be here long
But write me a story and I’ll sing you my song.

3 thoughts on “Iron Cold

    1. Personally, I’m not entirely sure what it’s about, but it fits to the tune of a song I can’t hear without thinking of Alex, and which I quoted in the first draft. Hmm, talking of Watching, I believe I sent you a draft…

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