Ill Miriam Is Ill

Ill Miriam Is Ill

Normal posting will be resumed.

At some point.


When being upright isn’t, like, way too difficult to even contemplate.

But I did write about a book called Fracture so if you want to read about books then it’s here.

5 thoughts on “Ill Miriam Is Ill

  1. Somedays I feel like that kitty even when I’m not ill…

    Still. It seems to be the season for being ill. :{

    But you’ve had a few bouts now. You need to de clutter that life of your a little bit Miriam.

    *Huggles* wishing you well soon!

    :} Cathryn

  2. Thanks for the good wishes guys.
    It’s sucky – it has FINALLY snowed around here and guess what? I’m not allowed out the house! I haven’t even touched the snow this year! *sighs*

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