Brought To You With A Northern Accent

Brought To You With A Northern Accent

“We’re not actually Northern. We’re from the Midlands.”
“We’re from South East London, you’re North of us.”

I realise I kind of abandoned this blog for about five days without any explanation for my absence, so I have opened this post with a transcript of a genuine conversation I had this week while on a course with the Royal Artillery Band. The so-called ‘Northerners’ were a couple of other teenagers whose accents we were all imitating by the end of the week – completely accidentally.

Before anybody begins to mock us Londoners for being very ignorant and very Southern, there were actually some genuine Northerners on the course. One was from Manchester. One was from Edinburgh, and that’s not even in the same country it’s so far North. Actually, she’s from Fife, which is even further away – she’s at uni in Edinburgh.

Anyway, I do have a proper reason for not being around. I was on this course, without a computer, and typing on a phone is EFFORT, okay?

Highlights of this week!

  • Playing in a concert with the RAB. This was pretty epic, because we were listed in the programme and everything and it made us all feel like proper musicians, even if it was obvious to the audience that we weren’t since the rest of the orchestra was in uniform and we were in civilian clothing.
  • Going to see the Woman in Black. It’s terrifying. It’s just such a jumpy film, and the whole way through there’s just texture music and suddenly BANG something jumps out of you. I’ve read the book, but this was so different that I never knew what was going to happen. It even ends differently. My friend Lydia screamed most of the way through and it was funny until I got to the point where I had to join her… I just couldn’t hold it in any more.
  • Accidental accents on the bus. Words like ‘bus’, ‘up’, ‘Mum’ and ‘three’ no longer sounded like they were being said by Londoners, and we couldn’t do anything about it. It was hilarious – every time Eleanor said oop instead of up, her reaction would be, “What is WRONG with me?”

Lowlights of this week!

  • No access to computers and to all you lovely people! Okay, but seriously though – I may be able to read emails on my phone, but I can’t archive them and replying takes so long it’s not even worth it, so when I got home I had a whole pile to file that I’d already read and about thirty new ones demanding my attention. Effort much.
  • No privacy. Seriously. The room we were in was tiny with nine of us. SOOO looking forward to my own bed tonight.

But that’s enough of my rambling, rather useless posts. Shinier ones with pictures coming when I find the cable for my camera.

6 thoughts on “Brought To You With A Northern Accent

  1. The best part? You had fun and we all had to plog along with out you *grin* Okay so the best part for you I hope. I love taking on accents. I do it with out much thought too. Worst is when I don’t even realize it until someone makes fun of it… (okay that was once).

  2. Haha, you had lots of fun then! I love listening to the army bands play – Beating the Retreat concert is amazing, up in Yorkshire. Glda you had lots of fun *grins*

    Continuing the directions trend: I’m definitely South of Miriam … for now. Until I go home / move house, then I’ll be north again. Though with my demented accent it’s really quite hard to tell, lol!

      1. Posh and proud, lol! Worst thing is the camera distorts it a bit …. wait until you meet me in person – it’s far more amusing then. My facial expressions are apparently a wonder to behold, according to my housemistress’ end of term report xP

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