Okay, so this is exciting for me. I’m writing something new. Like, totally new. And I did that a month or so ago but that was nothing like as cool as that, and also fizzled out after just three chapters because I didn’t get around to writing it. But this is going to be different.

(And I will go back to that one when I have finished. I promise.)

What’s this one about?

Well. Am I allowed to give you pictorial clues?

I’ll admit this has NOTHING of the mood of the book in it, but it’s a freaking cool picture, and if you know what it’s a picture of then you’ll know what my book is about. If you think you know, leave me a comment ;)

The picture below is a bit of a big clue. It also fits more with the book itself (but the one above is delightfully arty), and gives a clearer impression of the storyline.

I’ll leave you with those – guess what I’m writing about this time! :D

Pictures via Google, as usual.

18 thoughts on “NEW NOVEL!

  1. Having been sent the prologue and the first chapter already, I’m getting ideas of all sorts. Love the idea of pictatorial clues though – very clever of you. i could stare at that first one for hours … o_O

    And please don’t abandon the first one too much – it was turning into a cool story. But I trust you when you say you’ll go back to it – you’re far better on that front than I am, lol!

    1. I will get back to it if I have somebody like you to prod me until I do, ha ha :)
      I think the prologue is not as much of a clue as the title, don’t you think? Which I am not giving away here for obvious reasons, lol!

      1. The prologue is definitely not a clue … the title’s really cool and ambiguous though, I like it.

        And fear not, I will continue to pester you. Whether you like it or not ;)

        1. The Rite of Spring was a ballet with music by Stravinsky, produced almost 100 years ago (1913). It’s the story of a young girl being forced to dance herself to death as a sacrifice to the God of Spring. The music and the choreography was so radical that on the opening night, there were enormous riots and people were shouting the dancers off the stage – but others were cheering them on!

          1. Consider putting your research and musical abilities together and writing a small non-fiction book about Igor for release next year to commemorate the centenary of Rites of Spring.

            His personal life is fascinating, from Russia through Switzerland and France to America, not to mention his intermix with the arts – he was friends with W.H. Auden and Dylan Thomas – and his music of course is classic in every sense of the word.

            This sort of project is what ebooks are made for. Needs only to be 10,000 words and full of images and where possible recordings, sample sheet music, etc.

            Our teens-for-teens imprint needs non-fic as well as fiction titles and this is perfect timing!

          2. My dad is quite expert on Stravinsky. His PhD is in Shostakovitch, but he generally knows about Russian composers. Probably why Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Stravinsky and Shostakovitch feature on my MP3 player but [insert well-known pop band here] don’t.

          3. As if I didn’t have enough to do! I’ll be doing A-Levels soon enough! *grin*

            I’M just trying to get him to write down the stories he used to tell me when I was little, because I’m convinced they’d be bestsellers as children’s books. He says I should do it. I say that if he wants me to do it, he’ll have to stop moaning at me to stop writing and do homework.

          4. Sounds like a good deal. You help write his stories, he helps write the Russian composers series. By end of year St. Mall’s will have established itself and you’ll be too famous to worry about school-work anyway. :-)

            Or maybe the year after. But it will come!

            Of course you’ll have to beware Big Sister spotting any typos.

          5. Indeed I would, ha ha.
            And even famous, I’d like to have some qualifications. I mean, I want to study ballet so it’s not imperative, but it’s better to have a safety net. I’ve got a long summer this year, ten weeks, so musical productions and ballet shows and orchestra tours aside, I might have time to work on something then.

    1. Yes! Well done!
      Yeah, I’ve been researching it for Art, and I got so interested in it that I basically ended up getting all these ideas for a novel, and I couldn’t help but write it. It’s set in the modern day, but is based around the idea of a group of pagans forcing a young girl to dance herself to death as a sacrifice. At least, that’s the idea. I’m not quite sure how it’s going to pan out yet – I’ll know after a couple more chapters :)
      Well done. That’s very impressive. You’re getting a shout out in my next post for that ;D

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