All Of The Awards!

All Of The Awards!

Hmm, so, there’s been a bit of an award circle going around in the land of teen bloggers, I think. It started inside Liam’s brain, this whole all-four-awards-in-one-post thing, and then spread to Allegra from Here’s To Us, and then to Novel Journeys… and basically the outcome of this is that these three people all wrote a post about receiving four awards at once AND nominated me for these four awards.


Oh, right, this is WordPress, not Tumblr. I should probably go and retrieve my spelling and grammar from somewhere, then… :/

Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments

All three of the bloggers who got this expressed wishes to destroy this logo. I admit it’s pretty glittery and pink, but hey… it’s an award, right? Some of the trophies I got when I did Irish dance were hideously tacky, but they’re still trophies! ;D

Now, for this award, I must answer the following questions.

Describe Yourself in Seven Words: obsessive, nerdy, procrastinating, bookish, paranoid, and rude. (Generally unintentionally. I would’ve just said sarcastic but Allegra and I already had most of the same words. I wanted morbid too, but she stole that. ORIGINALITY IS DEAD.)

What Keeps You Up At Night: The monsters.

Whom Would You Like to Be: Is this a “What do you want to be when you’re older?” question or a “Which actual person do you want to be instead of yourself?” Because I want to be Sherlock. Or Gwen Cooper. Or Holly Short. Any of those will do.

What Are You Wearing Right Now: Blue shirt, grey skirt, black tights, dark blue jumper, dark blue blazer. Black shoes. In other words, school uniform, curse it.

What Scares You: Life.

What Was the Last Website You Looked At: WordPress, in order to get the links to everyone’s blogs for this post. And then to write this post.

What Is One Thing You Want to Change About Yourself: My inability to walk away from an argument without having the last word, or the fact that I can’t accept that I’m wrong.

Slankets, Yes or No: I don’t believe in things that have made-up names. (LIE). This is my way of covering up that I’ve no idea what this is.

Tell Us Something About the Person Who Nominated You: They’re all awesome people from the Teens Can Write Too! blog chain, although I ran into Allegra before that when she was Freshly Pressed and I am still jealous of her for that :D

Now, for award number two:

The Sunshine Award

Dude. 2011 is like, so last year.

I have to thank the people who nominated me… so, THANKS GUYS. Then more questions. What is this, the Spanish inquisition? I was not expecting the Spanish inquisition!

(Somebody is going to comment saying, ‘Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition,’ aren’t they? I’ll save them time and do it here.)

Favorite colors: Green, orange, blue, silver…

Favorite animal: Penguins.

Favorite number: 4096. It’s 64 squared, and 64 is 8 squared, so it’s 8 squared squared (also known as 8 to the power of four, but squared squared is cooler).

Favorite drink: It used to be apple juice until I got myself allergic to it. I don’t know. I drink a lot of tea and a lot of water.

Facebook or Twitter: Both, for different reasons.

Your passion: Writing and dancing. Often, writing about dancing.

Giving or Receiving: This is a trick to make people either sound selfish, or like they’re lying, or irritatingly good natured. Not answering.

Favorite pattern: Whut? I don’t know. Go away.

Favorite day of the week: Tuesday, because I have no extra curricular activities after school (though one at lunch time) which means I have time to write!

Favorite flower: Forget-me-nots.

Award number three is:

The Candle Lighter Award

No rules? That’s good, I’ve only got about two minutes….

Liebster Blog Award

I have to thank my nominator. Thanks to all three of you, guys/girls! Then I have to post the award. Posted, I think. Then I have to pass it on. Hmmm.

Nominations. Okay. So, I don’t want to pass all four awards to the same people because that’s mean, it takes ages to do these posts! I’m going to hand pick them, instead (although some of these people undoubtedly deserve all four, in which case I’m doing them an injustice).

The Sunshine Award I am going to give to Cathryn Leigh at Elorithryn’s Diary because she is a ray of sunshine, and has a tattoo in the shape of a sun, too :)

The Candle Lighter Award I am going to give to the crew at Mark Williams International and at the Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing, for, um, lighting the way for authors? And soppy stuff like that.

The sparkly one, I will give to… hmmm. I will give it to Shéa MacLeod, who is not in the least bit pink and sparkly from what I’ve read of her blog, but she talks about Jack Harkness and that’s enough to get anybody an award.

Finally, the Liebster blog award says to give to several people, which is AAAH stressful as I have to go, so I’m going to give it to Charley at the Leaning Tower Of Plot who definitely deserves it. And since she also blogs on our joint blog, St Mallory’s Forever, I’m going to give it to the section of that blog that is not run by me :D Erm and finally to the ‘Great Lakes Socialist’ at Red Herring Online whose name I really should find out! :D


20 thoughts on “All Of The Awards!

  1. *has a sad* Why did you have to foresee the Spanish Inquisition comment? I was going to be clever and post that because you’d never expect it because nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!!
    …. And that made a whole lot of sense. Comma, comma, wherefore art thou?

    Hehe, I joke. Congrats on all the awards, and thanks for the nomination! I appreciate it muchly :)

  2. But Charley, you can just one up her with tother Spanish Inquisition quote! :}

    Bring Out the Comfy Chair!
    (cause I’m going to write my response while sittining one. *giggles*)

    He he Thank you for the award. I guess I know what my blog for next week is. lol. :}

    1. Sorry. I just knew, as soon as I started typing, that the comments section would be inundated by that joke, and I had to put a stop to it. Now it seems I’m being flooded with complaints that people can’t make that joke…!

      Thanks :D

  3. But a commenter’s chief weapon is surprise! Surprise and fear. Our two chief weapons are surprise and fear. And ruthless efficiency. Our THREE chief weapons are surprise, fear, ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to our jokes…

    I’ll come in again.

        1. Ummm.
          The short answer is no.
          The long answer is that every conversation I have had in the last four days seems to wind up being about Monty Python (my parents, my French teacher, my friend Conor…) but I have yet to see anything more than one particular sketch (the amazingly politically incorrect ‘no poofters’).

        1. I don’t know, I’m useless at names. It took me weeks to name one of my characters…
          I’ll probably end up naming you something from one of the many fandoms with which I associate.

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