TCWT: Witty And Original Titles Are SO Last Year

TCWT: Witty And Original Titles Are SO Last Year

Sorry. I really couldn’t think of a title for this post.

It’s time for the Teens Can Write Too! blog post and I have to admit, I had a panic attack about an hour ago because I thought I might have missed my day, since the lack of emailed posting schedule has had me all confused. Fortunately for my nerves, I discovered that I hadn’t, and so here is my post – on time! Hopefully ;D

The theme for this month’s blog chain is…

“Choose your favorite of any of your own characters. Conduct a ten question interview with him or her.”

I’ve done a few of these in the past, over on, so the only challenge that really arose was which character to kidnap and interrogate ask in for a nice chat. At the moment I’m mainly working on St Mallory’s Forever! and because the characters aren’t mine, I didn’t feel I could interview them. (Plus, that’s something for the St Mall’s blog, not here!) Other than that I’m working on a novel called Rite.

Rite is from the point of view of Georgia, and so she’d be the obvious choice. But, we get to see in her head quite a lot in the writing (even if she’s not entirely aware of what’s happening some of the time) and so I thought it would be better to talk to one of the others.

Enter Lawrence. He knows what’s going on, more than she does, and he’s a pretty major character. But I’ll let him do the talking for himself.

Hi, Lawrence. We’ll start with a nice easy question. How old are you?
Seventeen. Seriously – why am I here? What is this place? Don’t tell me you’re trying to sacrifice me as well.

I just want to ask you some questions.
Questions? I haven’t done anything.

I don’t think you’re guilty of a crime, don’t worry. You mentioned sacrifice just now – do you want to explain that at all?
Erm, well. I’ve been brought up into a primitivist society and they believe that Spring won’t come without the Rite of Spring…

He looks at me to see if I know what he’s talking about.

They intend to force you to dance to death as a sacrifice to Spring?
Not quite. That’s what Georgia is for. I’m … I’m kind of the other one. The one for Winter. It’s complicated.

Sounds it. That’s a major plot point, I’m assuming – we’ll keep mum here.

He looks slightly baffled, but says nothing.

How long have you known Georgia?
About four days. She was kidnapped and brought here and we’re to be dance partners. We’ve done a couple of hours rehearsal together.

You’re a dancer! How long have you been doing that?
Since I was a kid. About six or seven. Mum didn’t want me to take classes, because it would put me at risk – if I were a good dancer, then the community might want me. But she couldn’t stop me once Dad took me along – I loved it too much.

Did people accept that you were a ballet dancer?
What do you mean?

Well, you went to an ordinary primary school. Did people tease you because you did ballet and not football?
People teased me, but not usually because of dance. And it was never anything more than name calling because they were all too scared of me.

Scared? Were you scary?
I didn’t behave like a kid. Why should I have done? The things I saw at home – it scars you. I’m never going to be normal.

Tell me a little bit about the primitivists.
Right. Well, they’re not fans of technology but we’ve got light and heating and stuff. They like to go back to the heart of the old traditions and religions – it’s all these weird myths and stuff. Apparently, the seasons are also Gods. Oh, and there’s loads of stuff about the constellations being people or something… I don’t even know any more. Mum tried to keep me away from all that when I was little.

Your mum doesn’t sound like she agrees with it.
No. She wasn’t from the community and Dad shouldn’t have had me but these things happen. She had breast cancer and passed away when I was fourteen. I’m grateful that she shielded me as much as possible but if she’d told me more in the past, perhaps I’d be better equipped to deal with things now.

How long have you got until this … umm, this sacrifice?
The Rite? It’s due to be at the end of this week. Lawrence meets my eyes and smiles. It’s okay. Me and Georgia, we’ve got a plan. If it works out, we’ll get out of this.

Thank you, Lawrence.
Can you untie me now?

Sorry. I didn’t know how to get you here since they’re keeping you under a pretty close watch at the … the community.
It’s okay. It was nice to meet  you, whoever you are. Erm… what was your name again?

Aaaand we’ll be leaving it there. Thank you very much.

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    1. Indeed, who couldn’t?
      I was researching Sacre for an art project and found it so fascinating, I HAD to base a book on it, which was how ‘Rite’ happened… ;D

  1. DELAYEDREACTION, but love the new theme! Very clean and relaxing.

    This was a good one. The story sounds really interesting–the Winter/Spring thing was what got me going. I hope to know more about it soon! Thanks for sharing and giving me some entertainment on this late night visiting in Tennessee. :)

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