I’m From The Internet

I’m From The Internet

I pride myself of having read every single xkcd comic that has been drawn to this day, mostly when I was ill and nothing else to do. I’ll admit that quite a few of them I don’t get (too much advanced physics for me!) and some of them are rather rude, but the others… well, it’s impossible to choose a favourite.

However, if I did have to, I’m rather fond of the ‘Online Communities’ ones.

Here’s the first of them (with the original mouseover text). It’s a bit out of date now (MySpace!) – the data is from 2007. However, I love the idea of being ‘from the Internet’.


Because the internet is massive. It’s huge, and it’s changing every day. Who would have predicted YouTube in the 90s or early 2000s? Who in 2005 predicted that it would become so big?

Until something exists you don’t know it’s coming, and so it’s up to you to think it up before anyone else does.

I love the idea of being ‘from the internet’ because it gives you a sense of shared background if you meet anyone else who identifies themselves in the same way. And you can say to them, “Oh, what part?”, much as you’d say, “So where in England are you from, then?” if you ran into a fellow countryperson while on holiday in some exotic land.

If they’re from the same website – using YouTube as an example – you can strike up further conversation: which vloggers do they watch? Are they a creator or do they just have an account to watch cats falling off things? And so on.

I have a friend, KM, who’s also from the internet. From YouTube, in fact – the only one of my real life friends. We do a lot of weird, nerdy things. However, a lot of our conversations end up being very strange and there are always phrases that, if taken out of context, cause whoever’s sitting nearby to turn around and say, “What?”

Like, “It’s a death frisbee!” in a ridiculously high voice (a la “It’s a pipe bomb!”), or, “To be honest, anything’s better than going naked.” “Yeah, but you’d have the deerstalker,” or … I could go on, but you get the idea.

And so whenever we say something that makes us look at each other with a grin that means CONTEXT NEEDED, we make a ‘bite’ motion with our hands (picture a little shark!) and say, “Soundbite!”

Because if that was one of our vlogs, someone would have isolated that sentence.

Or a stupid face – “printscreen!”

It’s because we’re from the internet, I guess. When we first started the soundbite thing it was weird. Now, it’s a wee bit of a habit.

If you told someone that you were from the internet, and they asked you ‘what part?’, what would you say? And do you have any behaviour derived from forums or videos that doesn’t translate well into real life? 

PS – If you want the updated one (without the humorous mouse over text which was the reason for sharing this one!) it’s here, though YouTube and Tumblr are still surprisingly small (to me). Mind you, it all looks big from where you’re standing, doesn’t it?

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  1. Internet weirdos unite! Unfortunately for me, I don’t have many friends that use the internet to hunt out weird things in the way I do – just you, pretty much. I do have some hilariously odd in-jokes with my friends, though – including a particularly nerdy friend I always scream “THEY HAVE A CAVE TROLL!” at … among other Tolkein things. We’re awful in public.

    I agree on the idea of identity on the internet, though I don’t have quite the presence you do – I do follow vloggers, but as I don’t vlog or make videos myself I don’t really have much of a presence. Mebbe I’ll rectify that one day if I ever find some movie-making softward on my mac xP

    1. As a Mac user, you’ve got an instant advantage over PC users – iMovie! It’s the best of the basic software, I’ve heard. No messing around with Windows Movie Maker for you ;) Find that software, we want to hear more of your hilarious voice.
      Many of my friends that are internet-y are gamers, so I don’t understand a lot of what they say. However, “The cake is a lie” was explained to me in great detail by someone on a forum, and I am now equipped to deal with that particular quote.

      1. I don’t seem to have iMovie … or iPhoto …. bah, I shall take it into a Mac store over the holidays and get the peeps in there to help me out with that.

        Ah, “the cake is a lie”. One of my favourite quotes! Though I dont play Skyrim either, I’ve been known to whip out the “arrow to the knee” joke here and there, though that’s not frequent. I’m usually beaten to the punch anyway xD

          1. I can’t download at school – all the sites are blocked. I shall have to do it when I get home after DoE practice expedition in easter xP

  2. I have my (vaguely/not really) professional Internet presence on WordPress and Twitter, and then there’s my Tumblr persona. Although I’ve admitted that we’re exactly the same person, we’re very different. Most of my real-life friends are on Tumblr, and that’s how I keep up with them. It’s also where we get most of our inside jokes. All we have to do is imitate a GIF or quote one of our tags and we’ll all be laughing. Some of our Tumblr practices, such as typing “dsfsdjhfksdjhf;dsrfhds” or something similar, don’t work well in real life, though.

    1. I imitate Tumblr in real life too! “REICHENBACH FEELINGS” is the main one. Also, “Why would you post something like that?” or equivalent, whenever someone mentions something sad. Like Journey’s End, or the Reichenbach Fall, or whatever that episode of Torchwood where Owen and Tosh die is called.
      I was born on Protagonize, moved to WordPress, but spend weekends on YouTube. I have a house on Twitter and take holidays on Facebook. My nocturnal walks happen on deviantART. I couch surf on Tumblr.

  3. I’ve got my WordPress and my Facebook, and….that’s pretty much it. So I guess I’m not completely from the Internet. I’m like one of those people that has dual citizenships or lives near a border. :P

  4. Hm… I was born in Dark Age of Camelot then migrated to World of Warcraft, spent a brief sint in WarHammer before finally settling on Protagonize, where I’d like to think I am an influential person. Or perhaps I;m just a part of their police force. :} I holiday on Facebook, and take trips into the blogsphere.

    Yup, that’s about it. And yes I was indeed born in the MMO world of the Internet which is distinctly lacking on that map. They are social entities unto themselves… I learned a lot of my lol and woot ( a phase I have been known to utter vebally). In that map I’m forever sailing on the sea of Noob, because.. well I like being a noob, in the cutest and adorable sense of the word. Yeah I’m the noob who knows just enough to button smash properly and can sometimes win. :} (I don’t MMO any more so technically I don’t but that’s who I was.)

  5. I think I probably spend the most time on Youtube and writing sites. This works to separate the outside world form the internet-home, except when I make references to my friends on writing sites in basic conversation.
    “Yeah, so-and-so has a character who acts kinda like you do sometimes” is normally followed up by a blnk look or a ‘who’s that?’

    Also singing Autotune-the-News in lessons sometimes gets weird looks. “The market value of pot would go down, down, down if we legalised it…”

  6. I look at that and all I can see is a game of risk, with facbook gradually creeping over the world like those little colored plastic men, lol.

    You and your friend sound hilarious. And a lot like me and my husband. Some of our conversations are pure quotes, and we say a LOT of things that make no sense without context. Recently it’s been “cake or death!” We say that kind of a lot right now. *grin*

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