An Impostor! EAT THEM!

An Impostor! EAT THEM!

Okay, I apologise for the outburst above. This is in fact me and I am writing this on a phone – hooray for technology!

(It was tiny but touchscreen and predictive text, or larger but Kindle keyboard and no predictive. The phone won.)

I’m currently on a retreat – no internet (or little) so no procrastination, therefore lots of work, art coursework and writing. It’s only for three days or so but as I’ve already written six scenes of my Script Frenzy script, edited a chapter of Watching, rewritten two other chapters of Watching, and made progress on a ridiculously slow pencil drawing, I feel I’m doing okay.

I’m staying in the house that used to belong to my grandparents. I’ll be back on Thursday / Friday, though the aforementioned art and revision will have to continue.

In the meantime, have a lovely spring break / Easter holiday / regular working week!

5 thoughts on “An Impostor! EAT THEM!

  1. Eating sounds good right now. Can we get chocolate-covered impostors, by any chance?
    I hope you’re having fun on your retreat, or at the very least getting lots of good work done.

    1. Fun? Fun? My character’s ENTIRE VOICE just changed in the SEVENTH DRAFT of book ONE of a trilogy that I’ve ALREADY WRITTEN! The editing descends upon me!

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