Behold has got to be the greatest word currently in existence. Well, it’s tying with ‘flannel’. Although, I’m quite fond of ‘discombobulate’, ‘snoozle’, ‘pomegranate’… hmm, actually, there’s quite a long list of ridiculous words I like. Behold! however, has a sort of emphasis to it that just demands an exclamation mark. It’s so much more interesting than Look!, is it not?

You’re getting bored, aren’t you? What you want to know is what you are supposed to be beholding.


I’m back!

Okay, you probably didn’t miss me. I wasn’t gone for very long. It was plenty eventful, though, and not even in terms of the Art / writing / revision I was supposed to be doing while I was marooned with next to no internet access. I do not count being able to listen to a single song on YouTube after buffering it for an hour and a quarter on your phone as internet access, by the way. That’s just torture / overuse of data.

Too many forward slashes! Let’s go and kill another type of punctuation.

What am I even talking about?

Anyway, while I was away, my phone spontaneously combusted (factory reset, actually, for no apparent reason), so if you’re the sort of person whose number I should have and I’m apparently ignoring you as I didn’t reply to your text from Tuesday morning, sorry. Around about two pm Tuesday, my phone exploded, and I lost all my data. Luckily, my photos and stuff are all on a memory card, but it was a pain in terms of messages. Plus, no apps, and no internet to retrieve said apps. *sighs*

Oops, sorry. I meant to finish this blog post an hour and a half ago (when I started it), but I’ve just been having a hugely entertaining video call with Charley R, who was covered in furry animals most of it. No, seriously, that’s not a euphemism. Her brother threw them at her.

Anyway, other things that happened. Well, I went for walks and … I have completely lost the thread of this blog post. I’m sorry, my brain has gone. What the hell am I talking about, really, seriously?

Erm, so I finally finished a painting I spent nine hours on. And then I did some editing. The lovely Cathryn has been shredding my manuscript … if you think I’m exaggerating there, think again. This was the sixth draft when she sent it back.

As you can see she’s only really done the first twelve chapters (now the first fourteen, as I’ve randomly gained two). Yes, I’m on the SEVENTH draft of Watching. I try not to think about that. By draft I mean serious rewrite, not just little edits.

I’m having a bit of grief with one character, though. Cathryn seemed to think it’d be a good idea to write from his POV in Part 1, when previously he didn’t narrate until Part 2. I complied (and that’s where one of the chapters came from). And guess what?

His entire voice changed.

Entire – freaking – voice.

Which means, not only do I have to write all of his chapters, but also every dialogue scene he’s in (i.e, a large part of the book). Fair enough, not too hard, I’m rewriting it anyway. But he’s also in book two. And book three. Which I’ve already written. Sure, I’m planning to massively rewrite them, too, but… CORMAC, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?

Anyway, I was finding it pretty tough. I’m a bit of an old hand at rewriting this book, but at the same time, it never gets easier. Every draft has to be better.

I love that Microsoft Word seemed to feel the need to highlight my bad grammar there. As if I cared…

Also, notice my navigation bar at the side? Yes, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – it does indeed read One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Five, Six, Seven…. on account of my randomly gaining two chapters within the first four, which was fun.

I’m off to do some more revision, Art, and writing, and at some point I’m going to be raiding Caitlin’s house for Sherlock DVDs because I feel they’re necessary, so I’m going to disappear in a puff of smoke now. BYE!

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29 thoughts on “BEHOLD!

  1. Wow to have all my red on display like that… Um do I say I’m sorry or your welcome? :}

    I’m still hoping to get back to the shredding (as you so gently put it) while on vacation. If not I ought to be able to settle into some sort of routine to settle into when I get back and I’ll make sure I get at least three chapters a week done. (Instead of being lazy and not doing any in a week.)

    On the plus side if you let me at the other two manuscripts first when you revise Cormac you can revise the rest of it too. Make sense? If you still want me to do so, despite my current slowness. This work family writing balancing act is tough.

    1. They need more editing before I’m letting you near them, they’re first drafts ;) So much doesn’t work because I changed the plot of Watching when I rewrote it over Christmas. I mean, previously, Mel died, so…
      Don’t get me wrong, I am very editing for your grateful. Wait, what…? This is what happens when I read NaNoisms. I am very grateful for your editing. I am also rather sleep deprived and am going to go away now.

  2. “Behold” is a good word, indeed. I’ve also been fond of “Indubitably,” “Marina”, “tweak”, “wafting” and “water buffalo.” :P

          1. It is. But where one obtains such animals, I do not know. My interaction with them is limited, mainly to the time when I took my water buffalo to the store. Whereupon, I got his head stuck in the door. Alas, he spilled some lima beans on the floor. This only serves to confirm my suspicion that everyone does, in fact, have a water buffalo. As well as a baby kangaroo.

          1. I have a feeling that there are a lot of VERY confused people looking at this comment conversation and not daring to ask what we’re talking about because they don’t want to be seen to be stupid…

  3. Welcome back! Behold is an excellent word. “Zounds” is my personal favorite at the moment. I thoroughly enjoy interjections–it’s so much better to say “Zounds!” or “Pro Iuppiter!” than plain old “Oh my God.” Also, I agree that that is a lot of red on your manuscript. Editing is scary, as my poor firstborn novel is actively discovering.

    1. This is my… I’ve given up counting. But I’m on the seventh draft of it and I have a feeling I’ve completed nine others. I don’t know what that adds up to.
      I tend to tell people to “zark off” (as per Hitchhiker’s guide), as my parents don’t like me to swear ;)

  4. There was a lot of stuff you said in that post, and I’m pretty sure I only want to comment on the first paragraph.
    I think Behold ought to be the title of a book. It would be a good word for catching your eye. I like that word. I’m going to use it more often.
    Off topic, but… Chris D’Lacey’s latest book just came out in the UK. Unfortunately, I’m from the US. Thus, I don’t get to even see a copy until May. I HATE BRITISH AUTHORS AND THEIR STUPID SEPARATE PUBLICATION DATES! No offense. I like British writing, but not the publication dates. Another author I’m following had a book that came out in February of 2011… in the UK. It hasn’t come out yet in the US. This is why I’m angry.

    1. It is not off topic… I’m sure Behold and Gadzooks are connected as words, somewhere… right?
      And I didn’t know that. I got totally confused by his last book (now the one before, I guess) – wasn’t really sure what was happening for most of it….

      1. I quite liked Fire World. That’s my kind of book. Parallel realities… Just the stuff. I think I realized that it was connected right at the beginning, but it might help to read it just as if it was a novel from a different series.

  5. *kicks Cormac* Naughty boy! I know my own characters are right pains in your style al momento, but at least they had the decency to wait until the rewrites! Bad boy!

    As for those edits … at least she’s being thorough! All that colour buuuuuuuurns mah eyeses xD

    1. Ha ha, I like it. All the black was getting depressing :)
      Yes, Cormac is a PAIN. I was meant to have a scene in which he got punished by the Dagda (ouch) but let him off… I’m now feeling I shouldn’t have done!

        1. I would, but it’s like, two chapters after a massive torture scene for Alex, and come on – this is right at the beginning of the book! I don’t want to get too graphic too soon! :D

          1. Hehe, maybe. I’m going to do a bit of a Suzanne Collins and kill of a minor character incredibly abruptly and unemotionally just because I’m cruel like that. Also because she wasn’t in any of the previous drafts and if I don’t kill her, I’ll have to think of something to do with her later on, and that’s effort.

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