There’s Posters And There’s Magazines…

There’s Posters And There’s Magazines…

… but the music isn’t ours, ’cause we write love songs in C, we do politics in G, we sing songs about our friends in E minor; so tear down the stars now and take up your guitars and come on folks let’s try this at home…

I apologise for starting this blog post with a Frank Turner song (it’s not the first time), but it’s a brilliant one – “Try This At Home”:

It kind of sums up why I like Frank Turner – he doesn’t consider himself to be better than everyone else just because his music’s quite successful, you know? Anyway, seemed appropriate as a title for this post. Which I will now start, 110 words into it…

I don’t know whether it’s just my group of friends, but I haven’t been to many of their houses. I’m wondering if this is what Facebook etc  has done to our generation – we don’t really ‘hang out’. If we do, we go to the cinema or shopping, we don’t spend time at each other’s houses as we used to when we were younger. But perhaps it’s just that we don’t want to have to cross paths with our parents… who often don’t like our friends. I don’t know.

Anyway, the few of them whose houses I’ve been to have very different bedrooms to mine. I’m not talking about size or colour (though mine is significantly less pink than many of them), but about content.

Their rooms are plastered with posters, photographs of themselves as kids and with friends, DVDs, toys from their childhood, a few books, a beanbag…

My room only has one poster on the wall. It’s a map of Middle Earth. Until a couple of days ago I had an entire wall of pictures of ballet dancers, but I took it down. I also had various pictures of penguins etc, but I took all those down too and then pulled the hooks out of the walls. I don’t have any DVDs in here – the few that belong to me are downstairs with the TV. My toys are all in cupboards or have been given away. I’ve wanted a beanbag all my life, but haven’t got one yet, or anywhere to put one – I have two swivel chairs instead.

And I have a lot of books.

I don’t have posters because I don’t need them. I have the books.

I think a bookshelf can say more about a person than a band poster. I’m not just talking about the content of the shelves themselves – whether or not someone’s got the Lord of the Rings is always an indicator, though. I’m talking about what they put where.

If someone’s only got one shelf, then granted, all their books are in one place. I have about twelve shelves of books, and I had to decide what I was going to put where.

What was I going to put on display for anyone who should walk into my room, and what was I going to hide away on a shelf that no one ever sees? What books did I want in the background of my videos and what did I want to pretend I didn’t own? The books you choose to show everyone, the ones you’re proud of owning, are a strong indicator of the kind of person you are.

My most visible shelf is probably the one above my bed, because it’s isolated, surrounded by blank wall. So what did I choose to put there?

I’ve got a few research books for novels – four books on Celtic mythology or similar, two books about life in the Soviet Union, three books on learning Russian, and the memoirs of Shostakovich.

Then I’ve got some of my favourites. Now, they’re not all my favourites, and they’re not all of my favourites, either. But on that shelf there are:

– 8 books based around ideas from Celtic mythology
– 2 sci-fi novels
– 2 books of debatable genre – steampunk or futuristic?
– 3 fantasy novels (Bartimaeus series, if anyone was wondering)
– 1 historical novel
– 5 YA novels that don’t fall into any of the above categories

So, what does that suggest interests me? The main one is Celtic mythology, evidently. All except two of those books are YA books (and one of those two is found in the Teen section in the library, though has a warning about adult content on the back). So, I’m probably a teenager, or a writer of YA (or both). There are five books, one of which is a trilogy, by the same author, so I probably like them a lot. Some of the books have plastic covers on and were evidently bought from a library. One is signed. One is ancient (well, from 1912).

What do your bookshelves say about you?

And for those of you who want to know what’s on the rest of my shelves / in the rest of my room, here is a video:

8 thoughts on “There’s Posters And There’s Magazines…

  1. My room was much like yours when I was younger… without the glass windows in the door though *grins* That’s becoming a joke between us isn’t it? He he… Anyway I can’t take pictures of what it used to look like, but when I lived in the small bedroom on the first floor of our house on Cape Cod I had…

    On the back of my door, was a picture of my Dad next to a plane in his military uniform… probably from before I was born (this was after the divorce, so I missed him). To the left was the wall, black, for all I remember. Next to that my dresser, probably had unicorns on it, and what else I don’t know. There was a bit of space, for thevent, but then opposite the door, tucked in the corner so you had to squeeze between the dresser and bed, was Bookshelf 1 – it was a double deal; two large shelves on the bottom, where I kept some art stuff and puzzlles, and then three or four smaller, more bookshelf like shelves that house, yup, books! The rest of that wall was taken up by my bed which was tucked into a corner. Over one end of the bed was a window, over the other end and tucked into the other corner were more book shelves, that house books, unicorns and a couple stuffed animals. I was never really into stuffed animals. Foxy was important, he had reakiy eyes that followed you about, but he was great at scaring away bad dreams. :} Next to the bes was a tilting top dresser that I used for drawing, writing, or homework I suppose. Next to that was my dog’s kennel, it was an old wodden affair, I doubt my dog slept in it much, she was more likely sleeping on my bed. Above it was the window before you had to turn the corner and were faced with the closet door. Between the closet door and my room;s door (we’ve come around full circle) was another booksehlf, filled with books. Above it was a cork board that held soem art I created and probably phone numbers of friends or maybe a picture or two…

    Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and a few other Tolkien books resided in the built ing book shelf next to the Firplace. My selves held a lot of Anne McCaffery, laura Inglals Wilder, Greek Mythology, and Narnia (amoung other books that I can’t remember at this time). :}

    Okay long comment but I thought I”d let you know, you arn’t alone, though you probably have a lot more books than I did at your age. :} (I probably had more Unicorns though *grins*)

    1. Yes, I have no unicorns in my room at all…
      I used to be in a much smaller bedroom, and this room was my brother’s. Then she swapped with him so that he wasn’t next to our neighbour’s (her room had no wall that led directly onto next door) and could play guitar. Then, when she went to uni, we swapped, so she had the small room because she was only in it for the holidays. Finally, when Ben went she swapped with him, because she was home. She’s now moved out.
      So both of them have lived in all the rooms, but I have only lived in the back two :)

  2. Is the yellow book towards the middle of the photo by Terry Pratchett? I can’t quite read it… if it is, I approve your reading choices!

    *a bit later while watching the video*

    Several things:

    1. ALEX RIDER.

    2. Those windows in your door are awesome. :)

    3. “Children’s classics… children’s non-classics…” That made me laugh sooo much.

    4. I love your accent. *is having another wishing-she-were-British moment again*

    5. You name your stuff too. Cool.

    6. In general, you are a very awesome person.

    1. The yellow book in the middle is not, I’m afraid, it’s by Philip Reeve. BUT I do have a whole shelf that is mostly Terry Pratchett (the shelf under the Alex Rider books, in fact), so you may still approve of my choices. I have too many Discworld books to put them on the shelf above my bed.

      1. Indeed, Alex Rider. I have to admit I liked the books a lot at first but as the series went on, I sort of began to lose interest (I don’t think I ever read the last one) because I felt it was too unrealistic, but hey ;) It was fun for a few years!
      2. Thanks. They’re a pain, though (or a pane, geddit, geddit?) because if someone leaves the light on in the corridor I can’t sleep until I’ve turned it off.
      3. Is it funny? Oh, I didn’t realise. Unintentional humour for the win.
      4. Everyone loves London accents ;) I prefer Welsh accents, though, to be honest.
      5. I name everything. I recently decided that the only name I could really give my laptop was JARVIS. So I did.
      6. Thank you very much :)

  3. Yes, I still approve. :P Especially because you have too many of them to fit on one shelf.

    The AR books did get unrealistic. I think I only kept reading to find out what happens to all the main characters like Alex, Jack, and Sabina. The last one was actually quite a bit better than 7 and 8, though. It was epic. And sad.

    1. I read up to… Crocodile Tears. I don’t know what number that was.

      Yeah I have about ten Terry Pratchett books, and I’m forever borrowing more from the library. I also have some on my kindle. To put them on the shelf would mean I had no room for anything else and I like diverse bookshelves :-)

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