The Ballad Of The Art Student

The Ballad Of The Art Student

Miriam was an art student
Miriam is no more
For clay, mod roc and poster paint
Left her messy and poor.

She tried to write some poetry
But failed immediately
For ‘acrylic paint’ is hard to fit
In one line or in three.

You’ll see she’s procrastinating
When she updates her blog.
But rest assured, it’s just a break
From this never-ending slog.

In three days’ time she will be free
From art GCSE
Whether her exam is good or bad,
She’s escaped this tyranny.

Expect more posts and much less paint
From this Friday and on,
But rest assured she will still draw
Sherlock Holmes and John.

You’ll find her work around the Net,
Though inconspicuously
Posted under a pseudonym
To protect identity.

5 thoughts on “The Ballad Of The Art Student

  1. Charley, Miriam’s loony friend,
    Oh see she jumps in glee.
    She thought her friend had hopped the twig
    A bit premature-ly.

    To see her friend back in the web
    And free from vice of Art,
    ‘Twill fill wee Charley’s face with smiles
    And bunnies in her heart.


  2. Here Allegra sympathises
    For blogging often can be rough
    Especially for students
    Who have work that’s quite tough.

    Allegra speaks for many when
    She says she’s glad
    That Miriam will be free soon
    For blogging without her around is sad.

    [I just blew my own mind with the amount of failing this comment contains.]

  3. Miriam faces such an aweful plight.
    But from who is much older,
    She’d love take up on this art,
    And give Mriiam her shoulder.

    And though Cathryn’s trying her best
    To keep with the poety.
    She thinks she used up all her muse,
    And is barking up the wong tree!

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