A Short Deleted Scene

A Short Deleted Scene

A while ago I wrote a scene for Watching that I intended to include at some point in the second half of the book. So far, I have not managed to determine where it would go. It’s written a little ambiguously – it could be from the point of view of either of two characters – which would help with locating a spot for it. However, I’ve been reading through and I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit in.

I’ll continue to try, but I thought for now you might like to read it, as it possibly won’t go anywhere.

Alex was shouting. “Why can’t you see that this is wrong?”

“Wrong? Who are you to talk of right and wrong? Are you a human through and through?”

“Sometimes I wonder!”

“This isn’t a question of right and wrong, it’s a question of suffering–”

“And the Watchers are suffering!”

“But we have suffered more at their hands. You are young. You know little. You think as they do…”

“Oh, so they killed every one of you, did they?” I began to fear for Cormac’s safety. Alex, it was obvious to me, was angry to the point where he was no longer thinking straight. “Don’t try and make this out like it’s the right thing to do…”

“And there you go again! There is no right thing to do, Alex, no black and white. They cause suffering so we remove them before they cause any more. That is all there is to it! Do not bring human morals into a fairy grievance.”

The Lover turned away, breathing heavily. “I don’t want to be one of the sidhe if this is how you think.”

“None of us choose who we are.”

“We choose what we do with it, though. I’m not like you, Cormac. I can’t see it like that. If it’s suffering that’s the deciding factor, then look at the Watchers, for once. Their families.”

“I am not saying that it is nice, and I am not saying that it is a good thing that Jennie died, because it is obvious to all that you are seriously disturbed because of it. But it was obvious that she was dangerous, was it not? You saw her when she fought.”

“She fought because she had been threatened. Not because she wanted to or because she enjoyed it.” His voice dropped and he met Cormac’s eyes before he spoke again. “She wasn’t dangerous to me.”

So, as you can see, I was playing here with the idea of fairy morals. The one thing that most of the legends agree on is the fact that fairies have no sense of right or wrong, but of course my lovely Alex is half human, so he’s going to spend a lot of time resisting that sort of behaviour. In one of my books on mythology, it says that fairies know only the concept of suffering and pleasure, and will do whatever it takes to prevent themselves suffering. Of course, they have no understanding of other people’s suffering and pleasure, only their own – a bunch of selfish gits, the lot of them!

I hope I’ll be able to work this scene (or one similar to it) into the novel at some point – that ending is just soooo cute :D

What do you think? Do you ever have characters with really confusing morals?

9 thoughts on “A Short Deleted Scene

  1. Amoral beings are so much fun to work with. I have a couple in the steampunk I’m planning to do for this year’s NaNo. One of them is a self-confessed git, with not a moral bone in his body. The other is a tricky critter who never does anything without some unseen motive … or multiple unseen motives under the disguise of another.

    Yeah … characters with no morals are fun.

    Also, the “pleasure and pain are their only motivators” thing reminded me of my Ethics course. I’m clearly going mad if my schoolwork haunts my brain that much xD

    1. I’m sure Alex would have plenty to say if he ever sat in on one of your Ethics lessons. Would you like to have him some time?
      When I started out, I just had good guys and bad guys. And then it was pointed out to me that as fairy society isn’t based on Christianity the way much of modern day British society is, I was going to have to change their attitudes to a lot of stuff O.o

      1. Oh, can I borrow him? I promise to bring him back in one piece, and hopefully not with a borked brain xD

        Hehe, I used to do that too, but then I realised that characters whose motivation and loyalty is less decided and more prone to fluctation are more fun and engaging – partly through reading about them, and partly through my gradual turns towards being the horrible sadist I am today xD

  2. I have a boatload of characters who just wallow in their conceit. They aren’t evil, but they don’t often think of others before themselves. They’re hilarious to work with, though they’d be extremely annoying in real life. They have morals, but they don’t use them that often.
    And then there’s the great type of character who has morals, uses them, but doesn’t explain his actions until much later, appearing as though he has no morals.

    1. That’s true. I find it really hard to think of motives for stuff. I mean, the Dagda hates Alex because Alex’s mum died in childbirth. Fair ’nuff. He hates the Watchers because they waged war on the fairies about three thousand years ago. Fair ’nuff. But Cormac’s just like, “Hey, Alex, I hate you. Now I’m on your side. Oh, wait, I don’t care that much. Oh, you died.”

  3. I have Rachael – who has her own code and it’s often deivded between her inner circle – whom she’ll protect at all costs – and everyone else, whom she’ll take down any way she can. She’s like the pitate who sometimes works for the government and sometimes gainst it, but generally improves the lives of the down trodden somehow. – aka the end apparently justifies the means to her.

    To your passage – i see this happeining when Alex tells Leah and Cormac he’s going to petition the Fairy court. It’s almost writen of Leah’s point of view, imo, but could easily suited to be to Alex or Comrac – I totally picture Alex sulking away at the end. the problem is if Mel was there I bet she’d have loads to say to Cormac on his ‘morals’ *grins*

    1. True, which is the problem, as she’s in every scene around there. It’s written so it could be either Leah or Mel, as they’re the only two not mentioned by name in it. I don’t know… I’ll try and slot it in.
      People are probably confused. Okay, guys, Watching IS finished, I’m just tightening up the second half, ‘kay? Awesome. Glad that’s cleared up :D

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