Unexpectedly Influential

Unexpectedly Influential

There’s this website called Klout which you can use to measure your influence on the internet. It’s not perfect. For a start, it only measures popular social media sites – things like deviantART or Protagonize don’t count, but a lot of people build up a following that way. It also only allows you to add one account with each thing, so if you had two different YouTube channels, only one of them would be counted.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting tool to use. I’ve had a few issues with it randomly failing to count a couple of networks, causing my ‘score’ to fluctuate wildly… which is always weird. But the thing I find most amusing about it is the ‘topics’ about which it believes I am influential.

Sorry for the bad quality....

Writing I can most definitely understand. I talk about it not only on my blog, but also Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Video is nice to see. As a vlogger, I often talk about making videos, and share ones I’ve seen, so I can see where that is coming from.

I think it got Christianity from the theological debates I’ve had with strangers on Twitter.

NaNoWriMo is fair enough. Just ask Charley and Cathryn – I dragged them into it.

Publishing – interesting. I guess I do talk about e-publishing etc a lot.

Software… a bit weird. Then again, I’ve discussed my video editor with people before.

This just made me laugh. Typos. Yes, it’s true, but it’s the funniest thing to be influential about.

Again, Spirituality is here for the same reason as Christianity, I think.

Sherlock Holmes. Now, I DID laugh at this. I love the idea I have Sherlock influence.

Hooray for being influential about Teens! Changing the worlds’ opinions? Hell yeah.

Ballet. Yay :D That’s all I have to say.

Books. I’m surprised this is so far down the list. Remind me to talk about books more.

Ha ha, how can I be influential ABOUT Tumblr? But apparently I am, so that’s fun.

No idea how this happened. I don’t even do Latin and don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it.

Yay for being influential about Tea. I think it’s that post “Experiments in Tea” that did it.

Hooray? I’m glad I’m influential about Kindle. That’s nice to know.

Not hugely influential about technology, but a bit. Probably just from when I complain about it.

Blogging. Now I’m surprised this wasn’t further up, since it’s what I do. But, I don’t tend to talk about it, so that would make sense.

What does Klout think you’re influential about? Have you been surprised by any of them?

I think it’s interesting. If I’m influential about Writing, then obviously I’m doing something right. But if I want to be influential about technology and it’s right down the bottom, I need to be working harder on that aspect of my internet presence. You see, by seeing what the internet thinks I can also see what other people think, rather than just what I think.

4 thoughts on “Unexpectedly Influential

  1. LOL, I don’t think I’m on enough social media sites to be “influential” about much (still need to work on getting that author page going on Facebook eventually), and I don’t use Twitter or anything. Still, it’s an intriguing mix up there – and pretty damned funny in places too, lol!

    Anywho, I need to get back to my textbooks xP

  2. NaNo Hisssssssss…. So how long till Novemebr? *giggles*

    I’d almost rather not look. I’m one of those people who’d rather have others tell me how I’m doing that look it up myself. I don’t know, for all the math and science I like to do, I’m not a statistics girl… thgouh I do need to sign up for that course… ARGH Tomany things on my plate (unrelated to writing… wait too many things on that plate too) ARGH *run off to run in circles befroe coming back*

    Anyway – go you for your influences. :} Maybe I’ll look at Klout one day. And maybe, like Charely I’ll get an author site up on Facebook too.

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