Tumblr Likes It

Tumblr Likes It

I have a band. We started out as a trock band, but the first few songs I wrote were about Torchwood, so we decided to branch out. Then I saw Sherlock and realised that I needed to write songs about it and I didn’t want to have a separate band and the others agreed. And basically we ended up becoming  band who write songs about things that Tumblr likes. We’re called Forever Reblogging and we haven’t yet had a rehearsal even though we’ve existed for nearly a year.

I only tell you this because I am convinced that Tumblr is the secret to being a success. I’m actually serious. If Tumblr likes you, you’ll be famous soon enough.

Since I joined Tumblr – I’m not entirely sure when that was, but I think it was late last year – I’ve been influenced by it into doing various things. The first of those would be watching Sherlock. Every time I logged on my dashboard (dash for short) would be covered in Sherlock gifs and quotes, and I’d be sitting there going, “I’ve never seen this, but it looks funny.”

If it weren’t for Tumblr, I doubt I would have been bothered to watch it when it was on. And then what would I do with my life? O.o

Then there was the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. For those who aren’t on Tumblr, there’s a story behind this. This guy (I believe his name is Zeddie Little) was running a marathon. Towards the end of it a photo was taken in which everyone around him looked completely dead and he just looked, according to Tumblr, perfect. They quickly dubbed him the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy and he became a meme. He was suddenly famous, ending up on TV for it – though he seems mostly confused by the attention.

Of all the memes I’ve seen, this is my favourite:

Then there was the Avengers. It had a bit of help from a few of my favourite vloggers saying it was good, but generally, it was the sheer quantity of Avengers gifs coming up on my dash that made me want to see it. I wanted to reblog them because they were funny / emotional but couldn’t because in my opinion, you should only reblog things from shows/films you’ve seen (although if you haven’t seen that episode, it’s not a big deal). So I went to see it. Just so I could reblog it.


I’m sorry, but when things like this come up on your dashboard, what else can you do but go see the movie that inspired such a ridiculously hilarious and talented fandom?

And then there is the Sherlock/Avengers crossover which I literally just discovered in the process of looking for pictures for this post. Oh my goodness. Dying.

Anyway, Loki fangirling aside, I think Tumblr has the potential to make or break a show, or a book, or a film. If Tumblr likes it – basically, if it sparks off fan fic and art – people like me will see it and think, “Oh, that looks interesting.” And they’ll watch it.

But if Tumblr says it’s bad – and if enough people agree and reblog this opinion – that’s going to spread around the internet faster than homoerotic Sherlock watercolours (which move almost as fast as bad news), and it’s done for. Completely and utterly done for.

Can I just say that in the six months or more I’ve been on Tumblr I have never come across anything positive towards Twilight. Yet I have very rarely come across anything negative towards Sherlock. Like I said – make or break.

Tumblr is a form of social media that’s also mass media, in my opinion. A large number of young people, and an increasing number of older folk, spend a lot of time there. Authors like John Green have learned how to use it to their advantage, with a Tumblr for people to ask questions about his book The Fault In Our Stars (password-protected with something you have to have read the book to the end to know).

imageAuthors can use Tumblr. Authors can use YouTube. These are forms of media that reach people in a different way. That reach people while they’re procrastinating. Reading blogs is effort! But reblogging a few funny gifs of scenes from a movie, or sharing a bit of quality fan art?

It takes a second, and it can literally turn your book / film into a success or into a failure.

Plus, some things on there are just too funny to miss out on. They really are.

And while we’re on the subject of Tumblr, I got gif’d.

It is a VERY long story….

* all credit to original creators of these gifs/pictures! (This last one was created by my good friend Expederest, also my cameraman for cosplay days)

14 thoughts on “Tumblr Likes It

  1. I am going to see The Avengers mainly because of the recommendations, but the GIFS and things I’ve seen around the internet, I agree, have made it huge. Unfortunately, as teh school blocks Tumblr, I don’t yet see the worth in getting my own – University will be a different story *cackles*

    Following your rule, however, I will only permit myself to open that crossover after Tuesday. Remind me, if you wish. I’m stupidly excited … Loki fangirls unite! :D

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