I Won A BAF— A Blog Award

I Won A BAF— A Blog Award

I wish I could say that I’d won a BAFTA. As I have nothing to do with the British Film or Television industries, however, if I did then I’ve accidentally fallen through to a parallel world in which they award those things to 16-year-old girls for absolutely no reason.

But I did win two blog awards… from Liam. Is ‘win’ the right word? You don’t really associate it with blog awards as they’re generally given to whoever you didn’t give them to last time, but I can’t think what else to call it. Anyway.

The Kreativ Blogger Award. Yeah, we’re so kreativ here, we got bored of spelling. Also, pink? On my blog? Are you serious?

Oh, and there are rules. Rules! Screw the rules, I do what I want!

But apparently, I have to answer questions first. And then pass it on to seven people. Seven? I can’t even think of seven people. Sheesh, what is this?

What is your favourite song?  I’m going to take it that ‘song’ means ‘thing with words’ rather than ‘piece of orchestral music’ which narrows it down a lot, as I don’t listen to that much other than soundtracks and Shostakovich. Um. Song. Well, I do really like “Show Must Go On” by Queen because it’s amazing, but… I think it’s going to have to go to “One Day More” from Les Miserables. Today. It might change tomorrow.

What is your favourite dessert? Jelly. Or ice cream. Or jelly AND ice cream. Or Victoria Sponge. Or chocolate sponge. Hmm, I just like pudding, I think.

What ticks you off? People, usually teachers. Ridiculous exam board rules (no labels on your water bottles in Art exams! No talking for ten hours in Art exams! You can’t leave this hall until 10am even though the exam finished at 9:25am!). Sucky internet. Grammar fails.

When you’re upset, what do you do? Rant. Beat something up. Play miserable music on the flute. Write death scenes. Beat someone up.

What is your favourite pet? I want a penguin. But, you know, an 8-legged horse will do. Or a dragon if you can’t get Odin to sell it to you.

Which do you prefer: black or white? It depends why I’m choosing. Clothes? Black, it doesn’t go see-through when it gets wet. Bedroom walls? White. Characters? You stupid racist award, go away.

What is your attitude? Erm, generally pretty cynical and sarcastic about stuff, I think. Also frustrated. I get frustrated quite easily. But I try to stay optimistic. Maybe I’m just stubborn.

What is perfection? A word.

What is your guilty pleasure? Tumblr, mainly.

Now for the facts:

  1. I drew Loki on the back of my Italian exam paper in my exam this morning, and wrote LOKI’D next to it. I didn’t think anyone would see it, but when the invigilator picked them up she put them face-down on the pile. She couldn’t help laughing when she saw mine. Didn’t help that I was at the very back so she had to look at it while she walked all the way back to the front ;)
  2. I am most definitely Loki’d. And Sherlocked. I think it’s the cheekbones.
  3. I have a little wooden artist’s manikin thing standing on my bookshelf (currently in a pose that suggests nothing as much as JAZZ HANDS). She’s called Sylvia.
  4. I saw the Avengers last week. It was so good that I’m considering going to see it again on Friday. SERIOUSLY GUYS SEE THIS FILM.
  5. When writing revision notes, I don’t colour code things, I just changed coloured pens for every page to stop me from getting bored.
  6. My favourite gel pen for History or Biology revision notes is the red sparkly one, but unfortunately it’s running out.
  7. My favourite gel pen for Chemistry or Physics revision notes is orange and sparkly. Also running out, although not so fast.
  8. Those subjects are the only subjects I have left this year and then I am FREE for a whole summer.
  9. I hate studying sciences and am dropping all of them after my exams. I already dropped maths. I’m also dropping one of the languages I learn (not 100% sure which, yet), History, RS and Art. I think that’s everything.
  10. I plan to teach myself Old English this summer. Not Middle English, proper old English. Like, Beowulf and all that. Just because I can.
And now another award!

Hmm, a much more attractive little icon yoke.

This is on my door. Took me about 10 minutes to draw. It was so much fun :D (Also, Loki fans should totally read the tags to this post.)

This one has rules too. Whoever invented these awards had a serious control-freak thing going on. If I made up an award, it wouldn’t have RULES. They constrict us, hold us in! Why would you do something like that? Just… why?

Don’t worry, readers. I SHALL MAKE THEM KNEEL.

I’m beginning to think I’m channeling something from the Sharpie pictures of Loki on my bedroom door… O.oRules:

  1. This award is for book bloggers only. To receive this award the blog must be at least 50% about books (reading or writing is okay)
  2. Along with receiving this award, you must also share your top five favorite books you have ever read. (More than five is okay)
  3. You must give this award to 5-10 other lucky book blogs you adore.

Ha, funny you’ve given this to me here. I do actually have a separate book blog. It’s a Blogger one too – shocking.

Five of my favourite books? Too difficult.

  1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
  2. Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater
  3. Ptolemy’s Gate by Jonathan Stroud
  4. The New Policeman by Kate Thompson
  5. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
  6. (Honourable mention!) Out Of The Silent Planet by CS Lewis.
Three of those are about fairies. I give up. I wanted to put something really high-brow on that list so you’d look at it and think, “Oh, what a well-educated and cultured girl this is! Let us talk to her and give her a book deal because she has such good taste!” But to be honest, YA fic is at least as good as adult fic, if not better. And these are all awesome books. (Also, Hitchhiker’s Guide is totally high-brow. I mean, it’s too awesome not to be. That’s how it works, right?) So I had to have an honourable mention to prove that I do stray out my little corner of the library sometimes.

And now to nominate people for the awards. But I don’t know anyone to give them to…

Okay, for the first award, because she’s highly kreativ, I nominate Cathryn. Again. I really don’t follow enough people for this whole award thing.

I also nominate Cassie Behle, who is completely hilarious. And Miriam Forster because she is funny and she is called Miriam.

I can’t think of four more people. Three will have to do.

For the second award, people who blog about books… hmm …

Well, I give Charley an award every time I get one, so I’m not going to do that this time. Sorry Charley. I guess it’s been a while since I gave one to the team at Mark Williams International, so they can have an award. I’m sure they won’t do a post, but who knows? Maybe Mark will deign to give us a peek at his five favourite books.

And the award also goes to Pheris-Perhis- how the HELL do you spell your name? Pherisphena Ladea of The Word Asylum (because she writes so I’m sure she talks about books sometimes), for being a member of Loki’s Army and making me laugh regularly on Twitter.

And that will do. I do not need to nominate a whole 7 + 5>n<10 other bloggers. BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT. Ugghhhh what is wrong with me today? This post has so many capitals and random Loki quotes and generally failure to put across a professional, writerly persona. Never mind. That doesn’t matter.

Puny humans, thinking you can give me RULES.

42 thoughts on “I Won A BAF— A Blog Award

    1. Most definitely! “Puny god…” Ha ha ha, my dad laughed for about five minutes after that scene :D

      But Loki stole the show for me. I … I’m not sorry.

      1. The part where he shakes Loki was my favorite because it reminded me of a Man, Woman, Wild episode where Ruth befriends a chicken and then Mykel takes it and whirls it around haphazardly until its neck breaks. Classic.

  1. Am I Kreativ because of my spelling issues, or because you think I am creative… which reminds me I have other creative occupations I need to get back to. Well then… Um… I suppose I could do a blogger award for next weeks post. Today It’s about Beautiful People… when I get a chance to get it up.

    I really need the whole internet blocker at work… seriously *sigh*
    :} Cathryn

  2. “Listen to me, brother-*WHAM*. “I’m listening?” That Loki moment cracked me up. Also when Stark referred to him as “reindeer games”. And the Loki-smash got wild applause and gales of laughter, in the theatre, so much so that I missed the “Puny god” line. I’m going to see it again, though, so I’ll have to listen for it. :)
    Incidentally, I love that you mentioned Out of the Silent Planet. I’m always excited when I find someone else familiar with the Space Trilogy, because it doesn’t get quite as much press as Narnia, and it should.

    1. I LOVE the Cosmic Trilogy. I first discovered it via my dad although he’s only got one of the books (which I stole from him) so I had to get them from the library :) Although, the third one gets a bit weird. With, you know, Merlin and that.
      Ha ha, yes, Dad literally laughed for five minutes after the Loki smash. I was like, “Okay, dad, it’s funny, but… it’s not THAT funny.”

  3. Hahaha, we both made the “I do what I want!” statement on our award posts … that amuses me ridiculously xD

    And, tags ….. Loki fans unite! The world needs more Loki xD

    1. To be honest, it would be harder for me to find somewhere where I HADN’T made that comment in the past week than somewhere where I HAD. It is EVERYWHERE. It is INSIDE MY MIND.

      1. Hehe, I keep doing Avengers quotes all over the place right now … I think it’s infectious.

        I sense double dealing and treachery … and probably someone in a silly helmet behind all that …

      1. Ha, yes she is. We had a 90 minute video chat (which was pretty much as nerdy as this comment thread, if you can credit that. About 80 minutes of it was just fangirling over Loki!

  4. Ahahaha, I’m sorry. My name is incredibly obnoxious, I know.

    LOKI. You drew that? I need it. So I can, like, put it all over my house.

    And yes, I like books. Love them, actually. I get in trouble with my parents for reading sometimes, simply because I’m not listening. Good observation! XD

    I make you laugh? Really? Seriously? *commence happy dance* Twitter is where it’s at. At least for Loki’s Army.

    Thank you so much, lovely! I was going to nominate you, you know, but then I read your comment. And I was like, “Oh.”



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