Why I Should Not Be Allowed To Watch TV

Why I Should Not Be Allowed To Watch TV

(Alternative title: “Miriam discovers Supernatural, loses the ability to have a life, and waits for Sherlock Series 3 while talking to a sonic screwdriver.” But that wouldn’t fit.)
  1. Just one more episode! Oh, I know I have to do writing, but hey, I can do that tomorrow, right? And you know, sleep, that’s not important. I’ll just watch this episode. And this one. Oops, went over our internet limit. Never mind!
  2. But I really need the box set. The bank are sending me letters telling me I have no money? What is this sorcery? I had money last time I looked.
  3. This is giving me ideas. I totally want to write something sci-fi with loads of madcap adventures, stupid hats, and funny one-liners. An unusual weapon would be fun. Hmm, what’s nearby… a screwdriver? That hasn’t been done before, has it? Perhaps the hammer would be better.
  4. This is giving me ideas *rubs hands together and cackles*. Hmm, I don’t think that character has suffered enough recently, so how about this – I’ll send him to hell for a while! Yeah, that sounds like a great plan. Worked brilliantly with Dean. Right, you’re off to hell, Character #1. Call  me in a few months and I might get you out. I think you need torturing though. Please don’t stab the guy who pulls you out, though. I didn’t think to make him immortal. Soz. 
  5. Begone, and take it hence! What do you mean, I’ve said nothing original for the last three days? Do you have a problem with me talking entirely in quotes? You do? But what’s the point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes?
  6. Oh, no, I cut my hair for a reason. Yeah. I, er, wanted to cosplay… So I’ve been told – and I don’t know how true this is – that most people have an occasion for cosplaying. Like, a convention or an expo or something. I just do it randomly. I went to the Hunger Games dressed as Sherlock once. (Hey, I cosplayed Holly Short before I knew what cosplay was. I was ten.)
  7. I do not have square eyes. I’ll be able to see once I’ve been lying down on the sofa for a while. I just … the screen … yeah, I’ll be okay soon.
  8. Where do we keep food in this house? Watching people fight beasties on TV makes me hungry. Pfft, exercise, what even is that? Wait, you’re not supposed to cook that in the microwave? Well, how else does it work? Oh, the oven… no, that’s for cake. What are you doing, that’s the cake oven, noooo!
  9. Hey, I had friends last time I looked. They got bored of me obsessing over fictional characters? Oh, well, whatever, then.
  10. Keep calm, stay alive, call the Doctor, believe in Sherlock, remember your towel and — damnit, what did you do with the salt? So they say I didn’t use to be superstitious. They’re definitely lying … touch wood.

41 thoughts on “Why I Should Not Be Allowed To Watch TV

  1. This would be funnier if I knew most of the things you were referencing, but I can guess for most of them. I think Doctor Who has something to do with a screwdriver, for instance. Don’t kill me.

  2. Yeah I’m guilty of a couple of these, especially 1 and 10. #9 is easily solvable, all you have to do is get friends just as obsessed about the greatness of Doctor Who, Sherlock, various Anime shows, Supernatural, etc, etc. The only time we stop gushing about that is when we’re arguing who we like better, i.e. 10th Doctor vs. 11th or Sam vs. Dean. ps. 10th Doctor is always greatest (you can’t beat David Tennant) ^_^

  3. At least you get ideas from TV. I just recently got ideas from Iowa highway exit signs. Character names, at least. I’ve no idea what they’ll do or who they are, even, but they’re named. :P

  4. NUmber 1 is my hubby’s downfall, and it usually captures me if I happen to be around…

    Otherwise I jsut avoid the TV all together.

    I know I know, it can be entertaining/educational/inspiring, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry and very little spare time. :}

  5. OK! I’ll see if they’re on Netflix. Or YouTube. Hulu. Etc.

    If you do decide to to WTS Day, please let me know by the 15th! (Since I’ll post on the 16th and was going to include a list of participants.)

  6. Okay this is getting a little scary. That is EXACTLY what happens to me when I get hooked on a tv series or a book series. I mean you should see all the times I’ve looked up spoilers (haha, River Song if you will) for Sherlock, Doctor Who, and many others. Its despicable of me but I can’t help it! So this post is absolutely wonderful!! Oh, and i finsihed series 6 of Doctor Who and I’m just going to settle with old David Tennant episodes (which isn’t bad at alll) untill Series 7 starts! :) :)

    1. Ah, you see, it’s accurate because I AM you. Well, not personally you. Obviously, I’m me at the moment. But I possessed you for a while, and now I can read your mind at will.
      Yes, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I may have to join you – there are a couple of series three eps I haven’t seen yet, I think! (Shocking, I know.) Unless I can somehow get hold of Supernatural on DVD, as I want to watch more of it but don’t have the internet bandwidth available to do so.

      1. Hmmm, you, possessing me? I think the world would explode if that happened, because two people who are equally obsessed with two equally amazing shows among other things that would be tooo much for the world to handle, which is pretty awesome. I can already picture an episode of DW in the making! (she says distantly as she looks away from her computer) And how could you have skipped a few in the third series!? :0

        1. Oh, I didn’t see it when it was on (my mum wouldn’t let me; thought I’d be scared). First episode I ever saw fully was the last one of series 3. We had a box set of one and two, so I saw all of those, and I’ve seen them all since the end of series 3. I’ve seen most of three on YouTube or iPlayer, but there are a couple of episodes I haven’t been able to find yet.

  7. Ohhhh….yeah since I (sadly) live in the states and don’t get BBC America we borrowed alll of the series except 5 and 6 and then afterwards my mom bought them all in a frenzy! Which is quite wonderful of her, except she’s not “in to it” anymore. She doesn’t like Matt Smith which is quite insane, because he’s just adorable. :)

    1. I like Matt Smith, but I don’t love the Eleventh the way I loved the Ninth and Tenth. However, that may be because I’ve got annoyed at the overdone story-arcs (compared to, say, the simplicity and awesome of Bad Wolf) and so haven’t been enjoying it as much.

      1. Oh I know! The tenth doctor is “my doctor” I loved him sooo much. I like Matt Smith but it hasn’t been the same since Russell T Davies left. It’s like Steven Moffat is putting all of his focus on Sherlock and a little focus to Doctor Who. But the over done story-arcs are really quite annoying. And also i don’t really like Amy, she was cool in the 5th series but in the 6th she got a little more nagging. So hopefully the new companion will be much better.

  8. Yay shared fandoms!

    “You think you’re funny, don’t you?”
    “I think I’m adorable.”

    Supernaturally being on Netflix instant play pretty much torpedoed my entire June. I’m in the middle of season three, with some skipping around. (I couldn’t stand to watch the end of season two. I just couldn’t. *weeps*)

    I’m excited to get to season four becuase I’ve been told it’s pretty awesome.

    1. I admit, I basically started at Four. My internet allowance is limited. I watched the pilot to get introduced to the main characters, and then read up on the plot of series one to three, before moving onto four. I’ve seen two episodes of it so far, and I think I’ll have to buy it before I watch any more as my internet can’t cope.

  9. Oh yeah Rory is pretty wonderful and yeah she was a badass in “the girl who waited” but its like the same plot device, I’ve noticed. Amy and/or Rory gets trapped/ lost, the Doctor has to go save them in a weird complicated way. They did that quite alot in the 5th and 6th series. And the only exception to that plot device is when Neil Gaimen (one of the best writers ever in my opinion) wrote the episode with the TARDIS becoming a woman.That is one of my favourites.

    1. That’s a great episode :) Neil Gaiman is brilliant, though I’ll confess I haven’t read very many of his books. I read Good Omens, though, which he wrote with Terry Pratchett, and it’s completely hilarious. One of my all-time favourites when I’m feeling miserable.

      1. YOU MUST READ THE GRAVEYARD BOOK (sorry for the caps, just trying to make a point) IT IS ONE OR THE MOST AMAZING BOOKS I’VE EVER READ. . It took me awhile to really get into it but then I officially read it and it is the most indescribable book ever. You would just have to read it.

  10. Oh Phew! It’s just so strange! I tried reading a series of short stories by him and they weren’t as interesting to me for some reason. I want him to come back and write another episode for Doctor Who soooo badly! Also on a weird random note, I noticed you really like Queen. Which is once again pretty fantastic, so being also a fan of Queen you really need to listen or watch Queen Live at Montreal. It’s just wonderful! :)

    1. Yep, big Queen fan. Have been for years. First band I really listened to, ’cause my parents didn’t want me to listen to music with swearing and they’re relatively ‘clean’. I’ll look into it when I have some more internet, we keep going over the limit ;)

  11. Oh dear, Miriam enters a new fandom … that worries me. I’ll stick to the few that I have, lest I get sucked into another which will prevent me surviving in life.

    ….. is Supernatural any good, though? Just askin’ ;)

    1. Pretty good, yeah. I’ve seen very little of it (three episodes in fact: 1×01, 4×01, 4×02) because my internet ran out, but I’m considering buying a DVD of season four. Mainly because Dean and pie is my OTP.

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