The Person You Have Called Is Unavailable

The Person You Have Called Is Unavailable

I’ll be without internet the next few days, just to warn you. I’m staying in the countryside with my mum and my french penfriend, Alison, who’s over here to learn English (which is good, because I have forgotten all of my french and so am just talking relatively loudly and slowly and hoping that works).

I might be back as soon as Sunday, but probably not until Monday. I thought about taking a leaf out of Miriam Forster’s book and giving you lots of cute pictures to look at, but all my gifs are saved on my portable hard drive and I’ve packed it. Bother.

However, I’m sure if you scroll through my Tumblr long enough you’ll find some, so that’s here. Plus, I wrote an essay on Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox and stuff, which you can find here. I doubt you’ll get around to reading it. You’re still scrolling through my Tumblr looking for cute pictures. (Wait until you see the cygnets!)

My YouTube channel is of course here. All of this should prevent you from missing me too much, and I’ll be back in a few days. In the meantime, please try not to flood my Facebook, Tumblr or WordPress with notification, as my access to those from my phone is severely limited (Twitter I can cope with. Feel free to talk to me on Twitter, I’ll probably be online).

I’ll try and get some writing done, even if one of my characters did just turn up 30,000 words earlier than I was expecting him … damn it, Irial, didn’t you read the outline?

Anyway, signing out for a few days,


PS – I’ll be back Monday, yes, but Wednesday next I’m going to Germany and will seriously be without internet at all ever. So you may get multiple posts on Tuesday, or scheduled posts during my orchestra tour to Germany. They may or may not be a series entitled ‘Watching The English’. It depends on how my watching of English people goes.

I am English.

I know.

It’s a long story.

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