Holidays Ate My Life

Holidays Ate My Life

Holidays, I thought, were supposed to be relaxing.

Since I finished school at the end of June (well, mid-May, but that was study leave, and was not at all relaxing and involved lots of work), I’ve had a longer holiday than most English kids, who don’t get released until towards the end of July, but that was because I had exams and it’s different and our school system is mental, so sorry to Americans who are confused.

It’s not been very relaxing.

For a start, there was Kiss Me Kate. If any of you read the ‘Kiss Me Kate Diaries’ I put up here, you’ll see that I played four shows, had multiple all-day rehearsals, and generally didn’t get enough sleep. Hard on the heels of that was my dance show which was pretty exhausting too, and then my French penfriend came to stay which meant walking around looking at castles and being sociable all day (I find that tiring, okay?).

And then I went to Germany.

I think I kind of forgot to put a notice up here saying, “Sorry, I’m in Germany,” but hopefully you didn’t miss me too much. I managed to slot in a nice meaningful post about archery before I went, and now I’m back to the meaningless personal ones again. Anyway, I went to Germany with my orchestra, where we did three concerts, visited a theme park (I hate rollercoasters, but during the thunderstorm that hit us in the afternoon I danced in the rain for half an hour and may have been close to catching hypothermia), and did general orchestra-toury things.

You only have to look at the lyrics to the song the staff on the trip wrote to know why that was tiring (“Pacing the corridors at quarter to two / who could ask for more? / Will you still need us / will you still heed us / when we’re not on tour?”). That’s not even to mention the 12-hour coach journeys, which are horrible.

Nevertheless, it was fun, and I saw several films on the journey that I’ve never seen before including Alice In Wonderland and the Fantastic Four, which is always appreciated.

I got home last night. Today I had my hair cut, went to the library, bought pointe shoes, and am currently doing some editing. I’m going to a dance/music performance thing tonight, which should be good. Tomorrow I’m going to do lots of writing and make a vlog because it’s ages since I did one – I wanted to go and see Spiderman, but alas, I have no one to go with, so that’ll have to wait.

And then at 5am on Thursday, I’m setting off for Edinburgh.

5. In the morning. 5am in the freakin’ morning. I found this out today and I’m not best pleased, I have to admit. Oh, and when I get back from Edinburgh I have one day to recover before going on a six-day ballet course (hence the new pointe shoes) which is going to KILL me.


Holidays = relaxation and laziness? Think again! After last year’s mental schedule I promised myself I’d have a more relaxing time this year, but it hasn’t worked out like that so far. I’m not even doing August Camp NaNoWriMo because editing is too dominating at present. Getting my GCSE results will be stressful enough.

So if there don’t seem to be many posts here, or if I’m not making many YouTube videos, this is why.

My holidays ate my life.

7 thoughts on “Holidays Ate My Life

  1. Hehe, my AS results come out the week before your GCSEs, so that’ll be barrels of fun.

    My holidays are bad, but not half as bad as that – Gold DoE in the first week, which pretty much killed me, then days spent hammering away at the (very boring) reserach on my Extended Project (which involved getting into Smelly Swindon on a bus that’s always late), then off to visit relatives (including maulings by TWO sets of cousins), and on Friday I’m off to grandad’s to wait for a week on Brownsea Island for the last part of my residential (kayaking and sailing involved, wheee!), and then . . . Germany. Gyeh.

    Holidays and relaxation stop being synonymous after about the age of thirteen :P

  2. Your summers were so much more enriching than mine. We never had the money for it – I went to summer camp a couple of summers (one week at a whallop, no more). Never did any theater (though I would have loved to in high school). Barely any dance… Noep my sumemrs, aside from the trip to my Dad’s for a week or two, were very lazy. Even my trip to my Dad’s was very lazy….

    Your lives are richer, and a lot less mundane than mine – but yes, there is a point where they become over filled… I’m trying to find that sort of balance for my kids. We’ll see if it’s sucessfu lor not when they start blogging, in what – give them three to six years, right? lol. :}

    1. In the past I went on quite a lot of Christian camps. I did a couple of music things, if they were free :-) This is my first year doing dance, though. I had a long summer because of exams… Normally, with five or six weeks tops, any activities make it quickly very crowded! This year I had more, so that was good :-)

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