Chocolate, Handcuffs and Slavery – STOP THE TRAFFIK (P4A)

Chocolate, Handcuffs and Slavery – STOP THE TRAFFIK (P4A)

Okay, it’s been heavy recently. Death, philosophy… you know, all those things I start thinking about when I’m tired, which is all the time at the end of an exceptionally long term. (I mean, I didn’t even have a break in the middle, thanks to being on a course, so my whole body is protesting.) And there are plenty of other things I could talk about that are equally as dark, like whether walking around a school thinking about how irritating all the peasants are and how much you’d like to just … remove … some of them makes you a psychopath. I hope it doesn’t.

But though I’m not planning to, I am going to talk about something serious. A charity called Stop the Traffik.

I’ve been supporting them for a few years and while I don’t do any of the full-on activism and fundraising that I used to, they’re still the first one that comes to mind when it comes to choosing what to give money to. Stop the Traffik is an anti-slavery charity. Their tagline is People shouldn’t be bought and sold.

Because no matter how much we like to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade — no matter how much we like to talk about William Wilberforce — no matter how disgusted we are when learning in History lessons of the transatlantic slave trade or slaves earlier on, like with the Romance — that isn’t something that’s over and done with.

It’s not History.

It’s now.

Today and yesterday mark the Project for Awesome 2012. Vloggers all over the world are making videos to support their favourite charities and pleading with their subscribers to vote for them so that the charity may receive support from the P4A. I made a video, too.

But I’ve not got that many subscribers and it’s unlikely many people will see my video. As of 8pm yesterday, nobody else had made a video about Stop the Traffik. So I’m the only chance they have of getting votes. While there are other charities that I care about, like the Office of Letters and Light, Stop The Traffik is close to my heart because FREEDOM is such a basic human right, and it’s insane that in this day and age, people don’t have that. I care more about people not being slaves than people being encouraged to write novels, if I’m perfectly honest.

Yet the OLL sent out an email via NaNoWriMo encouraging people to vote for them… and I don’t think Stop the Traffik even know that’s an option. So it’s up to me.

That’s where you come in.

It takes literally a second to vote for this video on the Project for Awesome website — you don’t need any sort of account — and it might make a difference. Who knows. If you share the video, and ask others to vote, then maybe it’ll make more of a difference. Even if they haven’t a hope of getting the votes needed to break into the top 5 (how can 80 subscribers compete with 1 million?), it’ll spread the word about the charity itself and hopefully, people will donate directly to Stop the Traffik.

You can vote for the video here. Oh, and you can vote more than once. So, whenever you remember, would you please, possibly, vote? Just over the next couple of days. Vote and we’ll see if maybe we can make a difference.

People shouldn’t be bought and sold.


They just shouldn’t.

11 thoughts on “Chocolate, Handcuffs and Slavery – STOP THE TRAFFIK (P4A)

  1. Been and voted, and going to go and vote again if I’m allowed. I honestly think it’s great how you’re so willing to stand up for big things like this. I always feel slightly daunted at the prospect (that and I never seem to find out about events like these!) so this is a fantastic gesture of you!

    Methinks I might even put links to this on my own wee bloggie. Let’s see if any of my 60 minions fancy lending a proverbial hand, eh? ;)

    1. Project for Awesome is run by the vlogbrothers so unless you’re subscribed to them you’re unlikely to come across it.
      Thing is, everything is big if it’s your problem. Getting involved in “big” things is just taking other people’s problems on as well.

    1. Yeah. I grew up with my brother and sister making jokes about the van, so it was impossible to avoid that in my head when reading!
      (I had a very nerdy childhood which is probably the reason I now have no life.)

      1. I keep imagining this really long highway stretching across Middle-earth so they can go for a drive whenever they want.

        Same here, although yours might have been nerdier. Or perhaps just a different type of nerdy, seeing as how I am (sadly) the only person in my family to have read LotR. My family’s more interested in science fiction and… fantasy, but not high fantasy? What would that even be called? I don’t think it’s “low fantasy” because that sounds, well, dirty.

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