Wait. Goals?

Wait. Goals?

Everyone I follow is posting things, like, “So I achieved this in 2012, and I’m a wonderful human being, and I’m also a total genius and everyone should bow down in awe of my intellectual prowess, oh, and I saved a bunch of puppies. Now in 2013, I’m going to publish three novels (the ones I sold to agents already), write a bunch more, get asked to join Mensa, and solve the world economic crisis. Here’s to it!”

And then there’s me.

And I’m sitting here wondering what I’ve actually done this year and whether a cheesy post about all my plans is really what my followers want (because to be honest, they’re probably already feeling super inferior to all these giants making strides to better humanity).

What did I do this year? I guess I finished compulsory education. That was kinda significant. I managed to drop all of the sciences, maths and a language (and a bunch of other things), and then take up a couple of new things. Other than that, this year wasn’t about finishing things, or even really starting them. It was a continuation.

I continued St Mallory’s Forever, though we finished a draft in October and I guess that counts (January release date, guys, I can almost promise it! Almost! That’s THIS MONTH!). I continued with my Death and Fairies trilogy, which I’ve been working on since January 2010… yeah, I’m getting there. I continued starting projects and abandoning them, although I did complete one solitary first draft in November, of a book called Weapons of Chaos.

I continued vlogging, and gained some subscribers (and also some video editing software to enable me to make vaguely quality videos). I continued blogging, and increased the amount of time I waste daily on Tumblr. I continued collecting books and helped build seven new shelves to house them in my room, leading to the first proper reorganisation in ages.

I started cosplaying. That was awesome. My parents probably wish I hadn’t.

Oh, and I was ill a lot. Like, a lot. I started the year with a double ear infection, which led to Eustachian tube dysfunction (the gunk can’t drain out of the tubes because they’re damaged by said infection, basically), which made playing the flute really painful for several months, so I got kind of behind on that. After multiple coughs and colds and problems I ended up with a six day fever, and then didn’t eat for two weeks. I survived on jelly (Jell-O to the Americans) and Kettle Chips (which are like, fancy, natural crisps that don’t have additives in) but still managed to lose over a stone.

Then after being violently sea sick when I went sailing for a day, even though I lived on a sailing boat for a week in 2011, I started to slightly improve, although I spent the whole winter term with a cold and lost my voice multiple times. I also discovered that I needed glasses and found that helped my headaches a lot.

All in all, it wasn’t a great year, health-wise.

Did I start anything new? Yes! I started archery, and I am so glad to have remembered that because I’m feeling incompetent. I also started teaching myself Esperanto, though I haven’t got very far. Oh, and I started watching Supernatural and I got into Merlin, only for both to completely rip my heart into shreds and dance on it, so with hindsight that was probably a bad idea.

This year? I want to finish things. My goal is to finish my trilogy once and for all, so that I’m happy with it, and then start trying to do something about publishing it. I also want to rewrite and develop The Quiet Ones, which I really liked as a concept, as well as maybe working on Weapons of Chaos.

I also want to take up Anglo-Saxon, so the ‘complete teach yourself Anglo Saxon’ kit that my parents got me for Christmas will come in handy there.

‘Finishing things’ isn’t a lofty goal, but 2012 has so much been a continuation of the years that have gone before, and a lead up to this year… not exactly a year in its own right. That’s okay, but I don’t really want every year to be like that.

So, we’ll see how it works out.

19 thoughts on “Wait. Goals?

  1. Sounds like a very eventful year just gone, and sure as heck will be an eventful year now unfolding.

    In a matter of weeks you’ll be an officially published novelist and while the four-way share of royalties means you might not equal JK Rowling’s wealth this year, you never know where this might lead! And it certainly won;t harm the prospects for your next books!

  2. I’m sorry you were sick a lot. :(
    And you do archery. I did archery at camp once a long long time ago, but… the city is unwelcoming to wannabe ninjas with bad eyesight and a love of pointy projectiles. Therefore I ditched the ninja wannabe part of my soul and decided to stick to more domestic professions, such as building robots. >.<

    1. Well, I live in London, which is also a city, but archery just really works me as a sport because you get to stand still while you do it, and I’m incapable of running :-)
      Yeah, cosplay is awesome! Last year saw Sherlock and Castiel; this year should see the addition of fem!Merlin and Loki.

      1. London must be an extremely cool city… *wistful sigh*
        :P Running. I hate running. In seventh grade they made us wear gym uniforms and run repeatedly around the block…. How embarrassing.

        1. London is not particularly interesting. Then again, I live right on the edge in the suburbs so it’s hardly central. And I wouldn’t exactly say archery is common.
          That sounds a familiar story. I literally can’t run, though. If I don’t twist an ankle almost instantly or get problems in my knee or hip, it causes my shin splints to flare up and then I have to stop. I’m just too broken for running :D

  3. Ugh, speaking of feeling inferior . . . *curls up in a hole to mope* You manage to be twice as productive as me, with half as much time to do it in!

    Let’s get St Mall’s out there soon, though. Then we can both dance about and feel like we accomplished things.

    And I need to do something productive on the writing front. When I’m not scrabbling to get into university, work experience, driving lessons, and whatever else life chooses to fling in my general direction.

    //also totally isn’t dying of jealousy at the cosplay thing. I don’t have anywhere to go to, or anyone to do it with. Sad times.

    1. Next time you come, dress as a hunter. Mum bought the perfect Castiel coat and I fully intend to steal it for cosplay purposes. Though we can go Tolkien-esque if you want, I’m thinking of making a costume or two.
      If St Mall’s comes out this month, we’ll have achieved something at the very beginning of the year – result!

      1. I can happily do either – Dad has the most amazing Winchester coat that I can get my hands on. Or I can do my genderbent Sam(antha) again.

        As for Tolkein . . . I have that swishy cloak of Elo’s. I might make a good Morgoth. Or some elf or ranger who ran out of cloak options!

        Indeedie! Now, let’s get it PUBLIC!

        1. I’m planning to work on some Children of Húrin related cosplays although all the girls seem to be blonde. What colour is Beleg’s hair? I like being an elf.
          Ah, you wait until you see the plans I have for my fem!Merlin cosplay. You wait.

          1. Beleg . . . blast it, in my head he’s dark haired, but I’m not sure. I need to get hold of my own copy of the book so I can look it up. I’d love to join in, too, given the chance! Elves are cool. Though I’m far too clumsy to be a real one.

            Oooooooh, how cool!

          2. Well I can be Beleg because I am dark haired. That solves that problem :)
            I also now kind of know who I’m going as on World Book Day this year, because dammit I am dressing up. I’m thinking Kitty Jones from the Bartimaeus Trilogy, given that I acquired an appropriate leather jacket yesterday.

          3. Ahehehe, indeedie! I’m blonde-ish, but short-haired. Eh, some elf with a haircut or something. I dunno :P

            Ahaha, Kitty is wicked. Have fun with that! Wish my school dressed up for World Book Day. Or even acknowledged it. Hmm. Perhaps as “library prefect”, I ought to get onto that.

  4. Congratulations on finishing compulsory education! I wish I could drop science and math. :)

    Jelly is Jell-O? Weird. I remember watching one of your vlogs where you mentioned that and wondering how a person could live on jelly. *imagines Miriam surrounded by jelly jars*

    1. Ah well, I’m sure you get to make up for it in lots of other educational ways. After all, I’ve been in school, like, six hours a day during term time since I was four and a half, and will be until I’m eighteen and a half years. Plus, in England we only get six weeks for summer.

      1. Wow, six weeks? I think that makes more sense than what we do, though. We have two months and college students sometimes get 2 1/2, but on the other hand it’s easy to forget stuff over the summer.

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