Fragments Of Blog Posts

Fragments Of Blog Posts

My thoughts aren’t coherent enough for a full blog post on any of these subjects, but all of them are demanding an opportunity to speak, so here are all of them.


Father person seems to think that any actor whose work I have admired (that is to say, anyone whose name I know or whom I’ve watched in more than one film) is a ‘hero’ of mine. I have very few ‘heroes’. The people I consider to be heroes are very rarely actors; I can admire people’s talent without actually looking up to them as a person.

There are a few who are unexpectedly amazing people, though: whose acting is fantastic and who will also be polite to everyone they meet and just generally lovely. (*cough*TomHiddleston*cough*)

Those are people worth looking up to.


I used to hate vegetables. Like, I ate carrots and peas and that was about it. I’m not sure whether developing allergies to fruit came first or whether I just realised they were pretty nice, but I now love most green vegetables. Green beans, stringless beans, mange-tous and peas are my favourites, but I’ll tolerate broccoli and also other, non-green vegetables.

Why do you care about this? Well, it proves that opinions change. Just because somebody is an idiot now does not mean they can’t grow up, change, and become a better person for it. Somebody who eats green beans and should theoretically be healthier as a result, except if they’re me. So give them a second chance.

There are caveats, though: green beans should always be eaten with your fingers* (unless you’re in a fancy restaurant or they’re in some sort of sauce or whatever. Be sensible).

And mushrooms, though not a vegetable, are evil and should be kept well away from food, in the name of sanity. Just … why?


I just started writing the third draft of The Quiet Ones and realised how difficult it is writing novels set in real places when you don’t live there, involving real organisations and societies of which you’re not a member. Fantasy is so much easier.


I started a folk band for tax reasons. I mean, when I say ‘started’, I mean there are five of us and we have a Facebook group and things. We can’t actually start rehearsing until the end of January, and we don’t have a rehearsal space yet, which limits our options somewhat. Nevertheless, Odd Things happen in my life, and one of them is having started a band purely for financial reasons.

There are worse reasons to start ensembles, and I’ve wanted a folk group for years. I’ll keep you updated on that.


For this year’s Project For Awesome I talked about a Christian LGBT organisation that I came across literally twenty minutes before I made the video. Their website actually moved me to tears, so…

If you could take four minutes to watch the video and comment (every comment is a penny to P4A or something), and ‘vote’ on the website, I’d appreciate it. Really.

No handcuffs this year (though I’m sure they’re the reason I got so many views last time). Just a charity and a desire to spread the word about it; I for one only just discovered its existence.

Thank you! As usual, I’m loath to do the whole self-promo thing, but this is for their sake, not mine, so please do watch it. It’s only 3:54 of your time.


No more fragments for today, I don’t think. I have to go and analyse the Aeneid. But on Thursday, I plan to start a series looking back on the past twelve months, one per day for the rest of 2013. Knowing my luck, I won’t complete it, but we’ll see, shall we?

*and by “with your fingers” I mean without cutlery. Not as a side for a plate of fingers. To clarify.

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