September (Retrospect and Reminiscing #9)

September (Retrospect and Reminiscing #9)

Ah, September. The month where holidays end and school resumes and therefore I made a lot more videos than in previous months because I was procrastinating. I’m going to keep this post as concise as possible because I’ve had a massive allergic reaction and my face is itching like a horde of evil piskies are crawling across the skin, so let’s get on with it.

I made four videos in September. One was a recap of my summer holiday, one was a hugely optimistic one about my hand problems, one was about slang and localised dialect and esoteric phrases that I use (and is one of my favourite vlogs that I’ve ever made), and one was about books, mainly The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater and The Dream Life Of Sukhanov by Olga Grushin.

Which leads very nicely on to the books I read in September. Despite being back at school and therefore having work to do, I also didn’t have hands. I wasn’t writing any novels. I only wrote three poems (though I’m super proud of two of them). So I read books instead:

september books

Clockwork Princess made me irrationally angry. I did a lot of yelling on Facebook. It’s quite entertaining to read. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t in a bad way, I just… got angry.

Though I wasn’t writing, I did continue plotting, which proved to be highly entertaining, especially wherever my character Irial was involved. He’s probably one of my favourite creations.

I only posted three posts on my blog, two of which were guest posts from people who wonderfully kept this site ticking over while my hands were at their worst. Actually, by the end of the month I was feeling better enough that I handwrote a timed assignment in a Classics lesson – then dislocated my thumb, spent three hours with ice on it, and my wrists were never the same again. Great plan, Miriam, great plan.

But mostly, September was about school. And this academic year was already certain to be different to the one before. Without the physical capabilities to play my instruments, I wasn’t in any orchestras or bands. My extra-curricular activities were practically nil, other than ballet. I considered auditioning for a school production, but had something of a panic attack that day and didn’t feel well enough, so I didn’t. I struggled a lot – unable to take notes in class, unable to write, I didn’t know how to function or how to deal with my emotions.

So I read books and dealt with the emotions of fictional characters instead and let me tell you this: it doesn’t work nearly as well.

Oh, and we had an “International Day” at school where we could dress up as something relating to a country, so of course my friend and I came as Enjolras and Grantaire. I was wearing a stolen French flag as a belt and carrying a wine bottle filled with blackcurrant squash and I have a feeling I got far too invested in my role, since anybody who spoke to me was invited to “Drink with meeeee to days gone byyyy..”


I’m far too distracted by my ITCHY FACE to write any more about September, and it really wasn’t all that interesting, but if you’ve got ten minutes I’d urge you to watch a couple of those videos. I think they’ll give a far better impression of me during that time, and also, I’m proud of them. Particularly the one about language. I think it’s funny.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have recovered from this allergic reaction, at least partly, and I’ll be able to concentrate. October was pretty cool. For a start, it involved London ComicCon, hair dye, epic plotting, and The Song of Achilles. And if that’s not a post to look forward to, I don’t know what is.

See you then!

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