Out With The Old, In With The New

Out With The Old, In With The New

Friends, Romans, and countrymen (and also all of those who are neither from my country nor male, because that would be an incredibly limited pool and not one I’d be particularly interested in, either): welcome to my new site which, for those of you who haven’t been watching it take shape all afternoon, doesn’t look dramatically different.

However, I’m sure you can see that it’s no longer a bog-standard and generic theme, which is thanks to the tireless efforts of my friend John who leaped in as tech support while I was effecting the transfer earlier and also stuck around to modify my theme to my very exact requirements. (Can we make the title slightly bigger? Can we change the spacing between the tagline and the pages? And so on and so forth for several hours.) Shoutout to John for being awesome and prettifying my blog.

I’m very excited to start blogging on this platform because while it’s not instantly different to the old one, there are subtle changes that mean I’ll be tentatively feeling my way around for quite a while. I see that I’ve already got three subscribers on this blog – hello! – but I’m not entirely sure anybody else in the world knows I exist.

If you are reading this, please tell me that you are reading it in the comments below. I’m pretty sure none of my subscribers are receiving this post, but I might be entirely wrong, which is why I very much need your voices. Otherwise I could be shouting into a void and I would never even realise.

In many ways this is a fresh start for me. Although my posts and comments have been imported from my old blog, my stats etc have been reset to zero. My old blog ran for three and a half years yet in that time, my most popular post was Loki, Gender and Costume Design in Thor: The Dark World which received 2,394 views since it was written in November 2013, in the last six months of the blog’s life. Compare this to popular post #2: Flawed Heroes and Heroic Villains was a long way behind, with 833 views. (But both involve Loki, so that’s very telling.)

Since I set up this blog this afternoon, that costume design post has already received 2 views without any prompting, so I’m pretty sure it will continue to be my most popular. But we shall see what happens.

In the meantime, I’ll probably be completely neglecting the blog for the next few days while I attempt to catch up on all the homework I should have been doing during the seven hours I spent setting this up, but hey – feel free to test the functionality of this place by checking out some old posts! My old blog was active from August 2010, so there are some very old posts. I didn’t even realise until I came to import them.

I feel like we ought to be singing Auld Lang Syne or something. Happy New Year Blog!

(Don’t forget you will need to re-subscribe using the button in the sidebar. Thank you.)

36 thoughts on “Out With The Old, In With The New

        1. … I don’t know what that means. You could look into it, if you’re sorting the lines out anyway, but it doesn’t obscure what it says, so it ought to be fine. (I was actually considering asking you a couple of other things – I’ll do that in chat.)

  1. I’m reading! I re-followed and it all looks nice and wonderful and YAY for people who can help us out. I have a brother-in-law who’s a web-designer by profession….which is hugely handy for me when I have an issue. :)

  2. I am reading this : ) . Formerly Josephine Wade, but since I retired the pen name I am currently between online identities. Not being sneaky, just figuring things out. Jes is will work for now.

    The site looks great and the Common Elven Speak is uncommonly beautiful.

    Congratulations on your domaine acquisition.

  3. I’m reading! And I’m absolutely down for a sing-along blog. “Should old acquaintance beeeee forgot, and neeeever brought to miiind…and something something don’t know the rest, for auuuld lang syyyyne…”

        1. I am wounded by the accusation. I’ve endeavoured to keep my image at least reasonably sophisticated for a few years now, though trying to avoid venturing into being pretentious.

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