Fleeting Reasons To Throw Money At Amazon

Fleeting Reasons To Throw Money At Amazon

I released Fleeting Ink yesterday! (And waited until today to post about it because, hey, didn’t want you to think I was too eager.)

I also reduced Crossroads Poetry to a slightly lower price, though not a lot, because minimum price limits and conversion rates and tax and all that malarkey. Dude. Tax sucks. (I mean, I totally understand the concept and stuff. But seriously. America keeps charging me tax when I’m earning like two quid and I don’t even live there.)

So Fleeting Ink is currently available from Amazon UK for £2.00, which I don’t think is a bad deal. Elsewhere it’s different prices in different currencies because of how money works. It’s 64 pages long, the same as the first one, although that was purely accidental. It’s got an introduction (where I explain why) and then some poems, which I guess is the what, and then afterwards there are a few notes at the end explaining what I was actually getting at, particularly in the last poem.

Oh, and I explain the cover and why I chose it, too. Because people always ask me, “Why?” and I’m like, “Duuuude. Think about it yourself.” And then they get annoyed. So now I just tell them.

Meanwhile, Crossroads Poetry is currently £1.53 for my UK readers. I mean, technically it’s £1.49, but VAT is evil, so let’s just pretend that didn’t happen. I’m sorry. It’s not my fault. That one also has 64 pages including an introduction and some notes on the cover but I don’t think I felt the need to explain any of my poems in that one, so it doesn’t have the notes that Fleeting Ink has.

I might put the price of C.P. up again in the future, by which I mean in like a month’s time or whenever I realise that lowering it hasn’t actually persuaded anybody to buy it, so if you’re interested, grab the discount while you can.

Reasons you might like Fleeting Ink:

  • It’s poems about writing! So if you like writing, you’ll be sure to sympathise with the emotions I’m conveying there. And if you like reading but you don’t write, it might shed some insight on the process. Shed is a weird word. I’m thinking of garden sheds now.
  • It’s not too creepy! Because I realise that marketing Crossroads Poetry as creepy and weird and about demons and things like that may have put people off and while it’s not honestly that weird, I realise it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. This one’s not like that, apart from a few moments of dark imagery. It’s far more conventional and, like, normal. So it ought to have a wider appeal. Maybe. It’s entirely possible all my readers like creepy things.
  • It’s poetry! So if you like poems, you know, that’s a thing.

Reasons buying it is a good idea:

  • I’m doing puppy dog eyes at you through the screen. There – can you see them? Yeah. That expression’s gonna haunt you, bro.
  • It’d be nice if I didn’t starve to death when I go to uni. I’m aware that poetry will never buy me dinner. That won’t stop me trying.
  • You get poems to read and poems are good and broaden your mind.
  • Credit cards become unhealthy if you don’t exercise them regularly.

But, you know, I totally understand if you’re not interested, because you don’t have a Kindle (although you can read it on a Kindle app on a mobile device, tablet, or on your computer — just so you know), or you don’t like poetry. And I also understand if you are interested, but you don’t have any money. I know those feels. Maybe you could publish a poetry collection as a fundraiser?

Okay, that’s everything. That’s enough promotional stuff now. It’s exhausting, trying to convince people to give you money, it really is.

You can find Fleeting Ink at all of these places:

Amazon UKAmazon USAmazon FRAmazon DEAmazon CAAmazon AU

Amazon INAmazon ESAmazon ITAmazon JPAmazon BRAmazon MX


fleeting ink cover final

And you can find Crossroads Poetry in pretty much the same places except slightly different, so I’ll give you the links to those too, for the look of the thing:

Amazon UKAmazon USAmazon FRAmazon DEAmazon CAAmazon AU

Amazon INAmazon ESAmazon ITAmazon JPAmazon BRAmazon MX


larger-image.jpgOh, and one other thing — I massively appreciate it if you spread the word by sharing on Facebook, encouraging friends to check it out, writing reviews, and all of those wonderful things, because really that’s the only way anybody’s going to know that it exists.

Actually, it’s the only way they’re going to know that I exist.

Do I exist?

5 thoughts on “Fleeting Reasons To Throw Money At Amazon

  1. Thanks for putting out something less dark. I was really conflicted when you put out your first collection, because i wanted to support you, but I couldn’t justify buying something I was not likely to enjoy (since I tend to be squeamish) with money that I barely have. But poems about writing – that’s definitely up my alley!

    So just downloaded and read a few. I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts to share, but for now: thanks.

    1. No worries. I was aware of that with Crossroads Poetry – though I wouldn’t say it’s gruesome, I know it won’t appeal to a lot of people because of the content. Hope you enjoy Fleeting Ink :)

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