Yep, I’m Back At Uni

Yep, I’m Back At Uni

Things that have happened in the three days I’ve been back at university:

  • I lay down for a quick rest on Sunday afternoon because my shoulders were aching. Two hours later I was woken by a student from the Labour society knocking vigorously on my door to ask whether I’ve registered to vote. (If you haven’t, UK readers, you have a few hours left to do so as I write this, so get moving.) I have. I went back to bed. Another hour after this I woke up, looked at the time, realised what I’d done, and regretted my life choices.
  • I have misread the email from the Buttery and therefore believed there was brunch on Sunday, thus turning up half an hour before lunch usually starts. There was no brunch. I waited for half an hour very hungry.
  • I ate spaghetti hoops as the entirety of my evening meal because having slept, I had missed dinner, and didn’t have the energy to cook anything.
  • And then I stayed up until 2am, reading. To be fair, though, I did this way too many times during the holiday too.
  • I finished writing an essay this morning, one that I was set before the holiday began. And I say finished. I sent it in with an apology for the lack of Old Norse quotes, figuring it was better than nothing. And I say this morning, but it was more like mid afternoon.
  • I have already discovered the joys of procrastinating by going for a walk in the lovely gardens that are full of gorgeous flowers. And taking pictures. This blog post is absolutely not an excuse to share some of those pictures with you.
Newnham College Gardens. (Copyright Miriam Joy, 2015.)
Newnham College Gardens. (Copyright Miriam Joy, 2015.)
  • I have watched three episodes of ‘The 100’, an episode of ‘Orphan Black’, and an episode of ‘Poldark’.
  • I have read one book (Clariel by Garth Nix) and begun another (Jingo by Terry Pratchett, which I think I may have read before).
  • I have learned that apparently I have no control over my shoulder blades. I think they are probably plotting a revolution. I’m not entirely sure what they’re trying to overthrow.
  • Even with some of my stuff still packed, I’ve realised half a dozen things I left at home, some of them more important than others.
  • I’ve written another page/chapter of the short SF story I’m working on on Protagonize, and realised that it’s going to be considerably longer than I originally intended.

Newnham College Gardens. (Copyright Miriam Joy, 2015.)
Newnham College Gardens. (Copyright Miriam Joy, 2015.)

Well. I think I can pretty safely say that I’m back. But I’ve only been back since Saturday, so there are a few things I haven’t yet done that will probably happen at some point during this term.

Things I have not done since I got back to Cambridge on Saturday:

  • I haven’t been to a library. Any library. Whether to return books or borrow them, I have not yet set foot in a library.
  • I also haven’t done any translation work. This is bad. I have lots to do and I need to get on and do it already.
  • I haven’t locked myself out of my room, despite having left behind the piece of plastic I used to hold it open when I wasn’t going to be gone long. I’ve been very good about actually remembering I have a key.
  • I haven’t been to any societies yet. And I’m frustrated, as the two types of dance I’ve been going to are no longer happening within my college, but some distance away, meaning I actually have to walk. That’s not so bad for the class that’s from 8-9pm, but the one that finishes at 10.30…. nope.
  • I haven’t done any revision. A lot of my friends have exams this week. I have them in June. It kind of seems like I have ages.
This is gorgeous. I don't know enough about flowers to know what it is but I like it. Newnham College Gardens. (Copyright Miriam Joy 2015)
This is gorgeous. I don’t know enough about flowers to know what it is but I like it. Newnham College Gardens. (Copyright Miriam Joy 2015)
  • I haven’t figured out how my SF story is going to end, which is bad, as that’s something I rather urgently need to figure out.

Well, I think that’s a fairly comprehensive examination of the last few days, with a smattering of pretty pictures to go with it. I thought writing a blog post in list format would be easier but it actually turned out to be remarkably hard, so I’m in awe of bloggers like Listful Thinking who do it all the time. Look at this. I’m out of steam and the post’s already infinitely shorter than usual.

You guys are probably grateful for that, though, so I’m going to go and procrasti— wait, it’s dinner time? Almost missed dinner again. I’m so good at this whole life thing…

7 thoughts on “Yep, I’m Back At Uni

  1. At least you were only a half hour early. I once was a full week early for a lecture where I dressed up. This was at a small all women’s university and I was spectacularly obvious that I was out of place. Plus it was before smart phones so I had nothing on my person to bury myself in to avoid awkward eye contact.

    Overall I think you’re doing okay. FYI I discovered that communal facilities were empty during dinner hour and dorms very quiet then. I used to skip meals in favor of quiet studying or empty gym and library. But do make sure you eat as that can have real negative effects.

    : )

    1. My college seems to be SO QUIET at the moment. My immediate next-door neighbour is never around anyway, and I think so many people have exams coming up that everyone is quiet. Honestly it creeps me out how silent this place is at times! Especially at night. I sometimes feel like I’m the only person awake.

      … How did you even manage to be a week early? How is that a thing?

      1. It was a one time lecture not in connection with a class, but a lecture on ethics. But it was located in the banquet room they sometimes used for lectures located in one of the dormitories so when I showed up I had a full audience of ‘why are you going n there’ and ‘why are you dressed up’.
        Our dorm could be quiet, but it wouldn’t start to quiet down until around 7:30-8pm which was too late for me. I always did better earlier in the evening. Plus we had a common room which was used a lot too, to study or just hang out. But I only had one year of dormitory life before I became a commuter.

        I would imagine given the age of the dorms it would be rather creepy if you couldn’t hear people playing music or laughing.

  2. For the record, I enjoyed this post, though, that might be because I can relate to it. I have my first exam 11th May – two days before my birthday – but the revision has not been with me. And you should do more list posts :D

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