I’m In Exam Hell

I’m In Exam Hell

You’ve probably already noticed that I haven’t been posting very frequently over the last few weeks. That’s partly because I’ve had nothing to say, and I try not to blog unless I feel like I’ve got something to contribute to the general mess of words floating around on the internet. And it’s partly because my health has been fairly rubbish.

But it’s also because I’m in exam hell and need to be working more than I currently am, rather than blogging or spending my life online. Okay, so recently I’ve been spending my life in bed, rather than doing work or doing anything more fun / productive / active. But sometimes bed is an inevitable destination, and I need my fourteen hours…

Anyway. My exams start in two weeks today, with a wonderfully terrifying Medieval Irish Language & Literature exam. On the Wednesday, I’ve got Old Norse Language & Literature, which I’m somehow even more worried about. The Friday brings The History of the Gaelic-Speaking Peoples, and on the following Monday I have England Before The Norman Conquest.

(Or as we generally call them, Old Irish, Old Norse, Gaelic History, and Anglo-Saxon History, because it’s just a lot easier.)

I am lost in despair and fear at the moment, and for that reason, will either be completely MIA from my blog, or I’ll be blogging extensively as a form of procrastination. However, the latter is unlikely due to the additional factor of my hands hating me and making typing a bit of a struggle.

Normal service will resume after the eighth of June. Probably. If I have anything to say by then.

I’ll leave you with this picture of me in a ‘princess dress’ I bought for £10 in Oxfam recently, which is by far the fanciest dress I’ve ever owned. I hope you’re having more fun over the next two weeks than me.

I'm a princess and you will obey me.
I’m a princess and you will obey me. My first command is that you ignore how long this dress is on me, given that I’m only five foot three.

2 thoughts on “I’m In Exam Hell

  1. I’m shorter than you if it makes you feel better. I am also in the throes of exams. I finished my gcses but precalc is tommorow and world history after that. Your exams sound much more complex than mine! I wish you luck, Miriam

    1. I have fewer exams than I’ve ever had before (I took twelve subjects at GCSE, some of which had multiple exams, and four at AS and A-Level, which also had multiple exams for some subjects), but they’re long and difficult. Three hours each! And I have rest breaks and extra time so they’re going to go on forever! Oh, woe is me…

      Good luck with your remaining exams. I hope they go well.

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