I’m A Glutinous Mess

I’m A Glutinous Mess

Hey there. It’s been a while.

My exams actually finished on Monday, a bit before lunch, so I haven’t got much of an excuse for not posting. The truth is, things have been a bit difficult lately. A lot going on, and not all of it to my liking.

On Saturday my brother emigrated to Canada. To Calgary, specifically, in Alberta, which is to say, a part of Canada that is a significantly long way away from where I live in England. He’s been hoping to go for ages, and the visa took time, so I’m happy for him, but at the same time… well, he’s my brother. And Canada is a long way away.

I haven’t been dealing with that as well as I could have done, and I’ve also had my own problems to contend with. After mentioning a couple of issues to the doctor as a sidenote to some other problems, I had a blood test for coeliac disease, and it came back with overwhelmingly positive results. With these kind of tests, a result of about 20 is usually an indicator that you have coeliac, and the higher it is the more certain it is. Well, mine was 216, the highest my doctor’s ever seen by a long way. So yeah.

I won’t be going gluten free until after I’ve had the biopsy, which might not be for another month. So I’ve got another month of eating my favourite foods at affordable prices (a loaf of gluten free bread is four times the price of the ones I normally buy), and then I can never eat them again. No more jaffa cakes. No chocolate digestives. No chicken burgers.

I’ve never been particularly enthusiastic about food but it looks like all the things I actually enjoy aren’t going to be on the menu anymore. And yeah, if it makes me feel better, I guess that’s a good thing, but it still sucks.

And then there’s the added annoyance that my phone has been steadily dying on me for a while and it’s reached the point where too many parts of it are broken for it to be worth trying to fix. I’ve ordered a new one, which ought to come by Friday, but that means I’ve spent more money than I expected to this week.

Add to that the fact that I’ve put on weight so the dress I was planning to wear to the garden party no longer fits and I suddenly have to find something else to wear, and it’s a lot of unexpected things to deal with on top of the very much expected issue of “my brother has left the country”.

So I’ve been dealing with these things on top of exams and arrangements for the end of term and all that kind of thing, and that means blogging has fallen by the wayside. Plus, I basically had nothing to say, except to tell you about all these issues one by one as they happened, which wouldn’t have been fun for anyone.


I don’t really have the energy or the brain power to write a full post today, so I might leave it at this. My plans for the next few weeks, apart from the end of term stuff, are to watch as much of Angel as I possibly can, because it’s being taken off Amazon Prime on the 30th. Beyond that, I’m mostly just sleeping and reading the trashiest YA fiction I can (because I love it, and because I don’t really want to read anything quality right now).

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with actual things to say and hey, maybe I’ll give you some of my dad’s gluten free cake recipes during the summer, once I’ve sampled them and come to terms with the new limitations on my diet…

4 thoughts on “I’m A Glutinous Mess

  1. Aw, I hear ya, Miriam. Changing diets really does suck, but seriously….YOU CAN DO THIS. I’m GF. Actually, I’m all-grains-free and fruit-free and nut-free and dairy-free and basically anything-processed-I-do-not-eat. And it drives me insane not to eat SO MUCH STUFF. I broke down and cried over a brownie yesterday, actually, because brownie. But it’s worth it not to be tired all the time (and I also have massive skin allergies) but seriously…when one is not tired all the time SO MANY THINGS CAN BE DONE! I’m pretty sure being GF will be a great thing for you…but seriously, tears. The struggle is huge.

    1. Yeah, I don’t eat fruit or nuts either, I have mild allergies to pretty much every fruit and they get worse all the time sooo… :/ And nuts for the most part I just don’t like — that’s the other problem, I’m an exceedingly fussy eater as well as having allergies and issues. I’m also mostly vegetarian just out of dislike for a lot of meat. Blah. What do you even eat, though?

  2. Sounds like a rough time. Good luck getting through to the other side.

    I hear Calgary is gorgeous but, yeah, having a loved one that far away and that inaccessible is incredibly hard. Thank goodness for Skype and all the digital ways to stay in touch, but I know they really aren’t the same.

    In the States, Aldi has some very reasonably priced gluten-free options. I know they’re a German chain, so they’re probably in the UK but not sure if they’re the same there or carry any of the same products. But probably worth a look. It’s some of the cheapest gluten-free stuff I’ve seen.

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