Under Construction

Under Construction

Hey guys, just a quick post to keep you aware of things! I’m currently trying to modify my theme (again) — I kind of broke my code, and it’s complicated, but basically things may look a bit half-finished until I figure out how to fix it again. So please excuse any missing timestamps, sudden changes of appearance, or other changes which may take place.

It turns out coding is really hard, and cutting corners only causes problems later. Whoops!

ETA: The blog is now back online after some downtime.

I took the site down for maintenance while I fiddled around with the theme, since I didn’t want to bother everyone too much with the changes. It was down for a couple of hours, but now it’s back. Ultimately, it was easier to change themes than to resurrect my old changes, as I couldn’t remember how I’d done it, but that doesn’t mean the current style will be permanent. Any feedback welcomed to improve it.

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