A Playlist For August 2015

A Playlist For August 2015

Before I start, shout out to Cait @ Paper Fury for her post, “I Want Diverse Books That Are NOT About Being Diverse“. I agree entirely. So go read that, and then come back here.

Also, I did the ‘Bedtime Book Tag’ over on my book blog, my first non-review post over there. I may need to do a few more of those as my Kindle died entirely yesterday, alas.

I haven’t talked about music on this blog in, like, forever. Playing music isn’t nearly as large a part of my life as it used to be, because I killed my wrists, but I am almost always listening to music. I can’t go a day without it. It soundtracks my life: when I’m eating, when I’m walking somewhere, when I’m trying to sleep, when I’m reading. That’s partly because I get distracted by little sounds (plugs buzzing, creaking floorboards, birds) and so the music helps drown that out. But it’s also because I just really like music.

I use Spotify, so I don’t actually own the majority of my music, and as a result my tastes change rapidly and frequently. I listen to so much stuff, and it changes all the time. I thought I’d give you a taste of what I’ve liked recently, in case anyone out there has similar music tastes to me (unlikely). Go forth and … approach my recommendations warily, because I like Eric Saade, so…

All links below are to YouTube, for optimum accessibility, but I realise not all songs will be available in your country, possibly. Sorry about that. Not much I can do.

Beware Of Darkness

This band’s music is very different from my usual folky tastes, but I’ve been enjoying it anyway. The main songs I’ve been listening to are:

And honestly, the main reason I like them is because they all remind me of characters of mine. But also when I’m having blehhh days, I lie in bed and listen to Morning Tea over and over again like a pathetic emo child.

Jo Mango

Ha. That’s a hilarious name. Anyway, I’ve only listened to a couple of songs by Jo Mango:

  • Crossties, which is quite sleepy, but I like that.
  • Kingdom, which reminds me soooo much of Ronan Lynch from The Raven Cycle.

On the subject of the second one, just look at these lyrics:

Yours is the kingdom, the power, the glory,
yours are the nightmares, the pain and the worry

And then compare to this quote. Yeah. Ronan Lynch.

‘Bare’ The Musical

When I saw this musical on stage in Cambridge I cried the entire way through, so it’s understandable that I’d have gone straight to Spotify to listen to it again. But even a dozen times of listening to it haven’t eased the feelings it gives me: listening to it makes me skin prickle all over as though it’s slightly too small for my body.

My favourite tracks are the ones that (a) resonate with my feelings and (b) have beautiful harmonies, so here is a selection:

Warning: you might cry. Even not knowing the story might do that to you. It plays on my queer feels, my faith feels, and my general life feels. SO MANY FEELS.

Ben Marwood

Lately, Ben Marwood’s been scratching an itch that Frank Turner was no longer scratching so effectively (though there are still FT songs playing in my room on a regular basis).

Other Tracks

And to finish off, here are a bunch of tracks I’m liking by a variety of artists. Many of these have nothing in common with each other.

Of course, there are many, many other songs that have found their way onto my writing playlists lately, and it would take forever to list them. But, I thought I’d give you a bit of a playlist of the things that form the backdrop of my life at the moment, in much the same way as I gave you Get Folked last year.

What are you listening to at the moment? I can’t guarantee I’ll like it, since my music taste is pretty unpredictable, but feel free to drop recommendations in the comments and I’ll try checking them out. :)

2 thoughts on “A Playlist For August 2015

  1. I like the new colour scheme a lot.! AWK, and thanks for linking to my post. :D I did get a bit of disagreement, so it’s encouraging to know you liked it. :P hhehe

    *whispers* I don’t listen to much music. IT’S SHAMEFUL. I used to be a music fiend and have it playing 24/7, but now I can’t concentrate when I hear it. I do like Grieg at night though and have a severe weakness for Civil Wars and Imagine Dragons and possibly occasionally Fall Out Boy. Omg, I’m very mainstream these days. :O

    1. Civil Wars are great. And I spent an entire day listening to Panic! At The Disco last week, so I’m not judging. This post makes me look very indie with my music taste, but it does encompass a lot of more popular stuff too. Heh.

      You listen to audiobooks, though. I can’t focus on them, I just fall asleep. Brains wired differently?

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