Paperback Updates

Paperback Updates

Apologies for the double post today! I promised to keep you updated on the status of Broken Body Fragile Heart, namely whether or not the paperback I created through Blurb ever turned up on Amazon.

I’m pleased to announce that it’s now definitely available in the US and the UK. You can get it from fun places like the Book Depository as well as directly through Amazon, which is super exciting to me. I’m glad it’s finally working.

broken body fragile heartIn the UK it’s retailing at around £6 new (twice the price of the £3 paperback, due to the costs of a paper book — sorry, I can’t do anything about that), and in the US it looks like it’s around $9.23 thanks to the exchange rate or whatever.

So I very much hope you’ll consider buying it. It means a lot to me to finally have this widely available in paperback, and I’d love to see it reach new readers as a result. Of course, the Kindle edition is still available for anyone who wants that, and isn’t going anywhere.

Key buying links:

Amazon US page (with options to buy from third-party sellers)

Amazon UK page (likewise with other options)

BOOKS etc. page (ships worldwide from UK, as far as I can figure out)

The Book Depository (with free delivery worldwide, and a bargain price)

Wordery (an independent online bookseller for those who dislike Amazon etc)

For those who might need a little encouragement to try the book, here are some of the things people have said about it in reviews on Amazon etc:

I have never read such beautiful, raw, visceral poetry.

— (Erin C.,

Miriam Joy has a talent for evoking emotion through her beautiful poetry

— (Robyn Hoode,

a fantastic, bold and very open book of poetry

— (Vlad,

I loved this collection. I loved it, I devoured it, and I already want to reread it.

— (Liam Wood, Goodreads)

beautiful and terrifying and wonderful and emotional

— (Katie, Goodreads)

And for those who have already bought, read and reviewed the book, I’d like to thank you for your support. It means a lot to me. As a poet whose yearly sales are usually in single figures or barely drifting into doubles, every individual sale is a spike of excitement in my otherwise flatlining stats. I appreciate every penny you put towards supporting my poetry and my career as a writer.


Okay, I’m gonna go before this gets any soppier.

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  1. It’s rather clever of you to post both my reviews. After all, who reviews a book twice and differently each time? Certainly not me… :P

    May you have many more sales and lots of success!

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