ASNaCs on tour

ASNaCs on tour

This week, I went to Wales with the Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic department, or rather, the ASNaC society (student-run, rather than staff). We were based in Cardiff, and visited a number of castles despite the rain that plagued us. Actually, we were fairly lucky with weather given that it was Wales in January: we were even treated to some occasional sunshine.

Since I’m currently mired in essay panic (my dissertation first draft and my long essay final draft are both rather urgent at this stage), this is going to be a post with lots of pictures and minimal writing. I’ve also used up some of my blogging energy writing and scheduling reviews for Miriam Joy Reads, so you get the short post. Sorry.

Except, not sorry, because pictures of castles.

I’ve attempted to use the WordPress ‘gallery’ function here. Will it work? Who knows. We can only hope. You should be able to click on these photos and see them full-size and not squared-off, all being well, so I’d urge you to do that in order to fully appreciate my finest smartphone photography. ;)

So. Gallery #1, which may or may not work: day one, which included a long train journey, Cardiff Castle, and some Whovian explorations of the city.

Gallery #2 includes our second day (only full day) in Cardiff. We took a minibus out to see two castles: Kidwelly Castle, and Castell Carrag Cennen (which I cannot pronounce or spell). Kidwelly in particular was a delightfully castle-like castle. It was wet, and a few fell victim to the mud, but we survived.

The evening also featured the Grand Welsh Pub Tour, where one of the organisers (Rhodri) ordered a cocktail called the Kingslayer and it came in a goblet. But I didn’t take many pictures of pubs, because I figured they weren’t that interesting. One of them was called the Goat Major, though — did you know the Welsh Regiment has a goat as a mascot and the person who looks after it is called the Goat Major? (Although they’re actually a corporal.)

Gallery #3, then, features our third day, when we visited Llandaff Cathedral. We had to walk a fair way to get there, but the weather was lovely, with some bright sunshine — even though it was still pretty nippy at times.

With any luck, these photos will come out well enough — I hope you enjoy them! I head back to Cambridge this weekend, so if I don’t post for a bit, it’s because packing and essays have destroyed me. However, I’ll be back soon enough when I want to procrastinate.

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