Thoughts On Themes

Thoughts On Themes

I’ve been changing my theme over the last couple of days, not only here but also at Miriam Joy Reads. Okay, so I was procrastinating. What’s happened now is that I have a very classy, sophisticated theme for my book blog, but I’m concerned that by comparison, this one seems juvenile and unprofessional.

I only have my own opinions on blog themes to work from, and it’s very hard to find a theme that fulfils my very specific ideas. I’d like to know what you like in a blog: visible sidebars, fancy fonts, serif or sans serif body text, bright colours or muted tones… What makes you click out of a blog immediately when you stumble on it for the first time? Are you more interested in the elegance of my book blog, or do you like the playfulness of this one better?

My blog is the main thing people find when they look for me on the internet. As I begin to leave my days of being a ‘teen writer’ behind (though it’s a while since I identified that way, I officially leave teenagerdom next week), I want this first port of call to respect my attitude to my writing, which is that I take it seriously and intend to pursue it as a profession.

But, this is also where I talk about my life and about dry rot and castles and books, so I don’t want it to be too much of a website and not enough like a blog.

Ideally I’d be able to have paired themes with Miriam Joy Reads, but that’s complicated because one’s on and one is self-hosted with, so they function differently. :/

Your feedback and pointers are, as ever, very much appreciated. Please let me know what you think I should do to make the theme better next time I’m procrastinating on an essay.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts On Themes

  1. *squintsquint, wiggle wiggle, squint*
    I like it. I’m a little thrown by the lack of characteristic green, but I like it. Very clean. Very professional. Nice and easy to navigate. Good good.

    1. Thanks :) haha, well, it was orange most recently and was orange in the past, too, so I figured red wasn’t too big a jump. I actually redid since I wrote this post; I’m glad you think it’s professional, as that’s one of the main things I was working on.

  2. I think it’s nice! I like the colours and the fonts are easy to read and it’s easy to navigate and it’s nice and cleeeeean. :’) That’s the important thing! Omg, the amount of blogs I STILL stumble across which have black backgrounds and white font…slay me. -_-

    1. Yeah, I find dark backgrounds and light fonts difficult! But I also find it hard when the entire thing is white and there are no edges because it’s like ARGH GIVE ME SOME CONTRAST — hence having the red at the sides here, just to give it some definition. I’m glad you like it. I don’t like blogs that are too ‘busy’, but I also think there’s a balance to be struck between being ‘clean’ and being ‘boring’, haha. :)

  3. If you want to make it seem more professional, you might wish to consider a static front page; that way people who want the author-gubbins (such as key contact details, next book details, brief bio) get it if they search your name, rather than getting the more personal blog.

    1. That’s true. I have a static page for my book blog, but not here, mostly because at this point it is functioning as a blog more than a website. I’ll bear that in mind. Maybe once I actually have ‘next book details’, I’ll do that. ;)

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