Fumes and Floor (The Dry Rot Saga Continues)

Fumes and Floor (The Dry Rot Saga Continues)

The Dry Rot Saga

I promised you an update on the dry rot, so here it is:

  1. I currently have a floor, which is actually fixed down, and the carpet tiles are back over it. RESULT.
  2. I also have a skirting board! Which is a more recent development.
  3. The skirting board hasn’t been painted yet, so it’s kind of an ugly shade of brown.
  4. Some of the plaster around the skirting board is a bit battered from the repairs, so that could probably use an extra coat of paint. As could the entire room.
  5. I assumed maintenance would come today and paint the skirting board (it’s a good day for it — it’s not raining, so I can have the window open), but they haven’t come yet.
  6. The fumes from the rot protection stuff and from whatever they put on the skirting board and everything have been messing with my head.
  7. I cannot get the smell out of my room.
  8. Also my lecture notes yesterday were even less coherent than usual. I present to you some highlights.
Ecownomics are an important part of Irish history.
Ecownomics are an important part of Irish history.


Cu Chulainn, I like you, don't make me regret that.
Cu Chulainn, I like you, don’t make me regret that.


Sorry, Rob (the lecturer).
Sorry, Rob (the lecturer).



So, y’know, the fumes are less good.

Oh, Maintenance just arrived to prime and prep the skirting board but they won’t be painting it until Monday. Voila. So that solves that mystery.

Other news!

Your feedback on my new blog theme has been much appreciated. I’m still adjusting to the change of colour scheme (I always used to have orange/red as my colour, but I’ve been going more for blue and green lately) and the general layout, but I think I like it. You guys seem to like it too, so that’s good. I’ve changed it slightly so that when you first come to the blog you find my ‘about’ page, and my blog posts are under ‘latest rambles’. I hope this isn’t too confusing.

I just handed in my long essay for Medieval French Lit (a piece of coursework worth 50% of my grade for that module), which is a relief. Okay, so I’m not exactly free — I have another essay to research and write by Monday evening, and my dissertation supervisor wants me to send him what I’ve got so far, and I’m also still behind on Irish Lit translation… but you know, progress, and the brief fleeting illusion of freedom.

And … that’s probably about it. I’m not very good at writing ‘news’ blog posts — there’s rarely enough news to fill a post. Enjoy my wonderful lecture notes. Maybe you’ll even learn something, even if it’s just the effect of rot protection on the student living in the room at the time. I will be back in the near future with something slightly more profound.

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  1. I’m more than slightly concerned about potential similarities in Ogham between “kill him” and “give him your daughter” that could make that scheme possible. Like the Romans and their one-word-for-love-fifty-words-for-killing issue. People of the past, u scary.

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