Updates: I Have The Flu

Updates: I Have The Flu

Sorry for my absence lately, internet. I’ve not been well at all, spending the last few days almost entirely in bed and feeling very sorry for myself. It seems like my immune system doesn’t understand its purpose since it spends all its time fighting bread and yet I catch every variant of flu that crosses my path.

I wanted to talk about my favourite gluten-free brands, which is one of the reasons I haven’t posted: I wanted to wait until I had the time and brainpower to settle down and write that post. Unfortunately brainpower is in short supply at the moment and I’m good for little more than sitting in bed, wishing my wisdom tooth had a slightly better understanding of the direction it’s supposed to grow.

As ever this term I’m horrendously behind on work and getting more so by the day; I’m despairing of ever catching up, while not having the energy to make myself care.

Basically, I think the best description of how I feel right now would be “pretty rubbish”, and therefore not up to writing blog posts or getting out of bed. I normally don’t apologise for random absences, since I don’t have a blogging schedule and it’s all pretty random anyway, but as this one may be a little longer than usual, I thought I should give you some updates so you know why I’m not around.

And now I’m off to look for some more painkillers.

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