Canada, Cars, and Calamity

Canada, Cars, and Calamity

Just a quick update, because I realised I haven’t posted at all this week. You’re probably aware from notes in my previous posts, as well as my Twitter if you follow me, that I’m currently in Canada visiting my brother. Specifically, I’m right now in a hostel in Kelowna where we’ve stopped overnight en route from Vancouver to Calgary.

The journey today didn’t get off to the smoothest start, because about an hour into the journey the exhaust fell off Ben’s car and we had to get towed. That took a while, then when the truck arrived it didn’t have room for four passengers, so I found myself standing by the side of the road with my dad, waiting for a taxi after Ben and Mum had disappeared off in the tow truck.

it has a relatively happy ending, this story — we ended up in Denny’s, having an amazing meal (seriously, Tumblr mis-sold that place to me, it was so much better than I expected) while the exhaust got fixed. The guys at the car place assured us that the exhaust would get us as far as Calgary, though it now makes an alarming noise, but as for the rest of the car, I don’t think they can make any promises.

Several hours later than we planned, we’re in the hostel. Ben’s playing guitar in the bunk beneath me, which sways ominously every time I move and creaks, too. I’m typing up the page or so I wrote sitting on the shoulder of the highway, because Camp NaNoWriMo crept up on me and I’m still trying to post updates on Wattpad for Bard — car calamities and all.

Other than that, Canada’s treating us relatively well. The weather in Vancouver was unexpectedly gorgeous, which would have been great if I’d actually packed anything other than jeans and boots! We had to buy some flip-flops and sunglasses because it was so warm — ridiculously, for Canada in March/April, I’ve managed to catch the sun slightly.

I’ve been sleeping on cushions on the floor for the last few days after the sofa bed in our hotel proved unbearably uncomfortable. It was made entirely of springs. Seriously, I’ve been camping and it was more comfortable than that, so the floor it was. Even these wobbly bunk beds are an appealing prospect after that; my back’s killing me.

That’s about all I’ve got to report for the moment, except to ask you for good wishes as we endeavour to complete the rest of the drive to Calgary, through the mountains, in a car where things keep falling off (a couple of days ago one of the windows died so we can’t open it anymore). Let’s hope nothing vital disappears. Like a wheel. Or the engine.

For those who follow me on my book blog, Miriam Joy Reads, I may be a bit lacking in reviews this week simply because I’ve not been able to schedule any, so unless I get a chance tomorrow to write a bunch of them, it’ll be a quiet week. But if you follow me on Wattpad, or aren’t but are thinking you should, I’m trying to get new chapters of Bard posted as often as possible, as and when I write them. So I should be on the internet a bit.

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