A Host Of Updates (and cat pictures)

A Host Of Updates (and cat pictures)

While I have the energy to be upright and write this post (which I’ve saved up by spending all day in bed, not intentionally), I figured I’d give you a few important updates.

First, I shifted my blog to its new host at the weekend, which means it might break. Both my hosts (old and new) seem convinced they’re hosting the site, and I guess we won’t know for sure which one’s supporting it until the old hosting runs out, which I think is due to happen tomorrow. I was previously on Bluehost and I switched to Siteground, partly because money and partly because I wanted a host that was actually based in the UK so that I didn’t have to deal with currency conversion and timezones for customer service. So far I’ve been pretty impressed with Siteground, espceially with the speed of their online chat support, which has been pretty impeccable.

But, a transition this smooth feels suspicious to me. I know moving an existing site from one host to another is probably not as complicated as shifting from a WP.com blog to a WP.org site in the first place (as I did three years ago!!!! how is it that long?), but that’s my only point of comparison, so this has all felt too easy. I’m worried that something’s incomplete, but I’m bad at technology and I can’t tell what’s wrong.

So, if you notice any major site downtime, please let me know via Twitter or any other means you may have of contacting me that don’t rely on the blog being functional, and I’ll see what I can do to fix it. Likewise, if anyone feels like having a poke around to make sure nothing on the site is broken and that everything links up to where it should be, that’d be good too.

Secondly, you’ll have noticed that I have not changed  my name/URL in this transitional process, even though that was one of the reasons for my sense of urgency when trying to make that decision. I decided to hold off on that for a while — after consulting an agent, I realised it wouldn’t stop me from querying, as I could always choose a pseudonym after signing with an agent, and therefore it didn’t seem worth making a rush decision because I have no immediate reason to.

This gives me time to ‘try out’ a few names and to get more advice and so on, which I think is a good thing. I’ll let you know if there are any updates, but for now, despite Twitter’s votes for Em Griffiths and my cousin and flatmate’s conspiracy to persuade me to use MJ Finnatron (no), I’m sticking with Miriam Joy. I don’t like it but it’s the best I’ve got. So, there we are.

Thirdly, my book blog’s on a temporary hiatus, at least until the end of term (which is at the end of next week, terrifyingly, so not too long). Pain levels have been high, energy levels have been low, and deadlines have been frequent. While I’ve done a certain amount of reading, much of it hasn’t been for review (e.g. re-reads), and I haven’t had the energy to make my thoughts coherent or readable.

I should probably have put this on the book blog instead of here, but I haven’t got around to that yet, because of the complete lack of energy I mentioned. Seriously, I slept until gone 11am this morning, and then fell asleep again by accident at 2pm and didn’t wake up until half six — aka an hour and a half after the deadline for an essay I still haven’t written. Things are not going so well when it comes to fatigue, and I’m not sure what’s causing it but it’s kind of soul-destroying.

On a related note, I probably won’t be blogging much here because my hands are dead and I want to save them for work and for writing fiction as and when I’m able to do so. Plus, there’s nothing interesting about me stressing over deadlines and my own crappy health, so I don’t have that much to say at the moment. If I have ideas and energy, I’ll write — I’m not counting this as an official or extended hiatus — but I figured I should mention it to absolve myself of any feelings of guilt about not posting much.

Fourthly, due to pain related both to chronic problems and my sprained ankle, I’ve started using a cane when I walk to try and ease some of the weight from my legs. I’m not sure how much it’s helping and I’m deeply self-conscious wandering around town with a walking stick at the age of 21 — not least because I’ve heard horror stories about the ignorant things young people with mobility aids get asked. However, so far nobody has asked me anything, whether positive or negative, so that’s been a bit of a relief, and I’ve been rocking the cripple punk aesthetic.

My flatmate accidentally bought, like, 20 flags, so now they’re everywhere.

I guess if people start giving me grief about it, I’ll have something to write about, at least. I’ve been practising sarcastic quips and witty one-liners to use in response to any ignorant remarks, just in case I encounter them, so it might be almost fun to have the chance to use them, depending on the setting.

Anyway, it’s completing my transition into a Premature Old Person, which I began by getting into knitting. I’m currently knitting a scarf in the colours of the ace pride flag (black, grey, white, purple) and making decent progress — I post pictures every now and again on Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram if you’re into knitting and so on and want to check those out.

Finally, Nellie’s been being super cute recently. Here are some pictures to make this post more positive:

a relatable cat feel
disgruntled window loaf
sass master

As ever, if you have any updates or cat pictures to share, I’m always interested. Especially in the cat pictures. I don’t think you can drop them directly in the comments (which sucks, because I need direct cat pictures), but link me to your cutest kitties and I’ll be delighted.

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