July 2018: Dance, Jobhunting, and Camp NaNoWriMo

July 2018: Dance, Jobhunting, and Camp NaNoWriMo

I don’t seem to have the hang of the whole blogging malarkey at the moment. Sorry about that. Hoping to do a more detailed write-up of my trip to Ireland for the Blas International Summer School for Music and Dance, but my hands are… not doing too great at the moment, and I’m trying to save them as much as I can. Therefore this post will be a few brief bits of news, hopefully with some longer ones to come.

The job hunting is continuing. I had one interview last week and two interviews coming up this week, so hopefully one of those will bite. I’d say I’m feeling reasonably positive about them, but it just really depends how good the other candidates are, to be honest. I’m getting a little bit sick of travelling, though. I’ve been to half a dozen different cities for interviews now, and as someone who isn’t a fan of journeys, that’ kind of a lot. Plus, wow, it gets expensive very qickly. People never talk about how much job hunting actually costs…

If these don’t work out, or if I get a job but it doesn’t start until September (which some of them don’t), I’m planning to go back to the library where I voluteered in 2016 and see if they want any more help, on a flexible part-time basis. Mostly because I need something to keep me occupied. I would love to spend the summer writing and trying to get back into playing music again, but my hands are… a mess. So that’s not going to happen.

My dance school switched organisations recently — having been with CLRG, we’re now with CRDM, which is a substantially smaller organisation. (If you’re not an Irish dancer, I don’t expect this to mean anything to you, don’t worry.) This weekend was our first feis (competition) with CRDM, and it seems to have gone pretty well — lots of medals all round! It went well for me personally, too. I was competing in 15&Over Intermediate, meaning I was up against people considerably younger than me, but that’s standard. Results were as follows:

1st Reel
1st Single Jig
2nd Slip Jig
2nd Heavy Jig
3rd Hornpipe

Incidentally, that’s also the order we danced them in, which suggests I got tired towards the end…

Featuring me turning to the girl next to me and saying, “Wait, did I just *win*?”

I’m particularly surprised and pleased by the Reel result. Partly because reel is one of the dances you do in Prelim Championships, which is what comes after the grade I’m currently in, so it’s a good dance to have won. Partly because there were ten people in that competition, which is a lot for an adult dancer, and many of them were younger than me and have probably been to class more recently than I have too. But mostly because I came dead last in Reel at my last two feiseanna.

Honestly, they called my number (445) and I just went, “Wait, but that’s me.” Wasn’t expecting that in the least.

(I have no idea what my competitive dance future looks like because depending on jobs I will probably be changing schools, and therefore most likely reverting to CLRG or one of the other organisations. But if this was my last competition with Mulvihill Academy, I’m glad it ended on a high.)

I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, trying to complete a new draft of Butterfly of Night after some substantial plot changes happened. It’s going as well as can be expected given how much my hands hurt at the moment. I’ve passed 25k for Camp NaNo and 50k on the draft itself (since half of it was written in June); I’m hoping I can shorten the book overall so it’s more like 85-90k instead of 100k, but who knows whether that’ll work out.

Oh, and I’m being really really mean to my protagonist. But that’s standard.

This scene has existed more or less verbatim in the last few drafts, but it’s a fairly good illustration of how well Isabel’s life is going.

Currently reading: The Miseducation of Cameron Post. The ‘Extreme Teen Bible’ is painfully relatable. Mine had a purple cover and was called the Youth Bible, but other than that, Cameron’s experiences of church youth groups sound extremely like mine. Been there, done that, got the cringey Christian puns on t-shirts.

Current status of book blog: on hiatus, because I’m lazy, but reviews are slowly beginning to appear on Goodreads and I’ll write them up properly eventually.

Aaaaand… I think that’s all the news for now. Real posts coming eventually, when my hands stop being ridiculous or when I finally find my Dragon headset from wherever it went in all the packing and start dictating again.

2 thoughts on “July 2018: Dance, Jobhunting, and Camp NaNoWriMo

  1. aaaah good luck with the job hunting! You’ve got this and hopefully potential employers will see how great you are. I love hearing your irish dance updates. I know nooooothing whatsover about irish dance, but whenever I read your posts I want to find the celidh band on my campus (though sadly their meeting usually conflicts with something else I have on)

    1. Thank you! Oh, definitely try and find the ceilidh band if you can, trad folk is great from any angle (as a dancer, musician, or listener) — maybe next academic year it won’t clash?

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