Getting Bookish

Getting Bookish

As part of my ongoing blogging existential crisis, today I decided that I’ll be merging my book blog with this blog, effective immediately. I already talked about this on my book blog itself, but I thought I’d post about it here so that you know what to expect.

What this means:

  • I will no longer be posting book reviews at Miriam Joy Reads, although given that the blog has been on indefinite hiatus for six months, this isn’t a huge change.
  • I will be talking more about books here.
  • I will hopefully be blogging more overall because I won’t find myself avoiding talking about books here in order to ‘save’ those posts for the book blog.

What this doesn’t mean:

  • I will be posting full reviews here on a regular basis. It turns out that’s not super sustainable as a blogging model, especially if you’re me and you’ve been in a reading slump for literally months. I’m more likely to do book tags, lists, and talk about several different books in one post.
  • I’ll never post a full review again. I might do some, especially for books I really love. They just won’t be the main way that I talk about books.
  • My review archives will be deleted. I’m planning to leave them up as they are for the moment. I’m considering trying to import them into this blog, if such a thing is even possible, but I’m not yet sure that’s the best approach to take.
  • I’ll stop talking about non-bookish things here. If I planned to become exclusively a book blogger, I’d have kept that blog running and shut down this one. I still intend to post my usual mix of personal posts, writing and life and updates, and the rest of the eclectic commentary that characterises this blog.

What this might mean:

  • I might rewrite some of my best reviews from that blog and post them here in future (or just repost them if I don’t feel the need to update them).

This decision comes partly because I felt it wasn’t possible to maintain that blog given that I also talk about books every day on Instagram, as well as writing reviews (if infrequently) on Goodreads. Hopefully, if I don’t spread myself so thin with different blogs and platforms, I’ll be able to post more frequently on those that do exist.

So that partially resolves my blogging crisis, I suppose. It gives me more to talk about, for sure. I’m not sure what this means for my status as a ‘book blogger’, especially where ARCs and review opportunities are concerned, but I’ll figure that out as I go. It seems better to blog more, and only sometimes blog about books, than to not blog at all on a platform dedicated only to books. If that makes sense.

Basically, I’m learning that if I always try and categorise my interests into neat little boxes on the internet, all that happens is I don’t talk about any of them. So I’m just going to let them merge. I can’t keep starting new social media accounts every time I get a new hobby.

NB: I keep my dance stuff separate in part because of copyright (dance videos often have copyright issues because of the music, and I don’t want that to compromise the rest of my YouTube channel). There’s an actual reason there, whereas everything else was just me being vaguely neurotic.

I may end up redesigning this site a little to freshen it up, too; I’ve had this current layout a long time. But again, we’ll just have to wait and see…

Here’s to more posts in future, this time (sometimes) about books!

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