Crossroads Poetry

Crossroads Poetry

larger-image.jpgIf one’s soul is visible in poetry, then selling a collection is like making a deal with a demon. In the stories, those contracts are always signed at a crossroads.

This collection reflects that theme. It’s about meeting places, and oaths, and sacrifice. It’s about blood and bones and personal hell. It’s about fallen angels and humans with their eyes turned to heaven. If this is love poetry, then it’s the love of the shadows, of night, and of death.

Crossroads Poetry is a poetry collection, a fundraiser, and a demon deal. For more information, see the posts I have written about it here, here and here. It’s available as a Kindle edition only.

Content note: Some poems in this collection deal with issues that might be upsetting to certain readers. For trigger warnings, please see this post.

Release date: 22nd January 2014

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Reviews for Crossroads Poetry

“they tackled heavy topics, such as death, loneliness, and sacrifice in a deep, honest, raw, and beautiful way. I was constantly underlining passages in the book because they were so breathtaking”

“Crossroads Poetry is full of dark imagery that is executed brilliantly, with free verse and a vast vocabulary. As a lover of words, this put a smile on my face.”

“Yes, there’s some dark stuff written about, but surprisingly there was the opposite as well. It seems, to me, a varied collection written beautifully, with some real heart felt moments along the way. My advice would be to remember this author, as she is going places.”

“Miriam Joy paints such vivid pictures with her words, such powerful stories and dark profound feelings… It’s just amazing”

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