Fleeting Ink

Fleeting Ink

fleeting ink cover finalFollowing a time-honoured tradition of frustrated poets everywhere, these are poems about writing. About words. Poems about ink, and writer’s block and late-night scribbling and trying to express yourself. Poems about communication – writing to people and for people, giving them your thoughts and feelings in poetic form. And it’s about the transience of words and their meanings, the fleeting nature of poetry and its emotions.

Fleeting Ink is my second poetry collection, and you can read the blog post I wrote about it here. It’s available as a Kindle edition.


Release date: 20th April 2014

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Praise for Fleeting Ink:

Joy weaves together hymns in praise of feeling rather than deconstructing poetry with evidence that words cannot be other than a structure around anything of actual meaning, elegantly capturing both the power of language to show reality and its failure.” (5*, Amazon.co.uk)

“Their use of imagery and metaphor is truly outstanding, and the poems are rich with emotion and beautiful, beautiful words. The poems are deeply personal, but so well-written that even though the reader often doesn’t know the context in which they were written, they get full grasp of the emotion that the event is associated with, allowing a glimpse into the mind of a hugely talented and interesting writer. The poems are about despair, longing, and the act of writing itself; seemingly huge topics, but one which Joy handles beautifully with their flowing free verse and imagery that seems to hum with life. I honestly can’t recommend this collection enough – although it is short, it is the sort of poetry that begs to be read over and over again.” (5*, Amazon.co.uk)

“Well-written, heartfelt poetry about writing, relationships, and intense emotions. The author writes with great emotional honesty. I found myself being drawn into their inner world.” (Amazon.com)

I really enjoyed this. The author writes with great intensity, and touches on emotions I hadn’t thought about in a long time.” (Goodreads)

the vivid language and honest power of the emotions it describes are the collection’s real strengths, neatly unifying a fairly diverse bunch of topics and tones” (Goodreads)

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