Moth to a Flame

Published 23rd May 2024 by Simon & Schuster Children’s Books.

The cover of Moth to a Flame by Finn Longman, featuring a dark blue moth in a graffiti style with a pink flame consuming its left wing.

The epic conclusion to the dark, twisting thriller trilogy about a teen assassin’s attempt to live a normal life.

Isabel Ryans has fled Espera, leaving behind her identity as the Moth. Now she’s trying to adjust to the reality of the outside world. But her grief and trauma are catching up with her, and surrounded by civilians who will never understand what life is like in the walled city, she feels more alone than ever.

When a journalist is murdered nearby, suspicion automatically falls on Isabel. And inside Espera’s walls, the abolitionist movement is gaining strength. When Isabel’s search for the killer leads to an unexpected reunion, she’s forced to decide whether she can really leave the city behind, and what part the Moth might have to play in the uprising.

Is Isabel Ryans the city’s saviour . . . or its scapegoat?

From award-winning author Finn Longman, an exhilarating voice in YA fiction, comes an addictive trilogy for fans of global phenomena The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Killing Eve and The Hunger Games.

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Content warnings for Moth to a Flame:

This book is less violent than The Butterfly Assassin and The Hummingbird Killer, and if you’ve made it through those, you should have a good idea what to expect from Isabel’s backstory and the general tone of the book. However, here are the content warnings as listed in the book itself:

This is a book about grief, and the messy process of healing after trauma. It depicts depression, PTSD, and self-destructive behaviour, including drug and alcohol abuse and references to unsafe sexual activity. It also contains references to violence and past child abuse.

As per the first two books, there is no romance, and there is a fairly large amount of swearing. There are no on-page sex scenes in this book, but there are more references to off-page sex than before, and there is a small amount of on-page kissing. Nearly all of the murder is off-page this time, and there’s a lot less of it (#growth).

If you have any questions, or need further information about these, feel free to reach out to me on social media or at finn @ finnlongman . com (remove the spaces) to discuss further.