The Wolf and His King

A queer retelling of ‘Bisclavret’, from the lais of Marie de France. To be published Spring 2025 by Gollancz.

Step into the resplendent courts and forests of The Wolf and His King, the luscious adult fantasy debut of medievalist and YA author Finn Longman…

Bisclavret is cursed: to live his life in exile; to take a wolf’s shape involuntarily; to lie to everybody he meets. And yet he has always dreamed of knighthood, of brotherhood and belonging. When the old king dies unexpectedly, Bisclavret travels to the royal court to seek his rightful inheritance and swear fealty to the new king. It’s here that he discovers the mysterious young warrior now wearing the crown is willing to offer him far more than just his father’s lands, and suddenly the life that seemed like an impossible fantasy is catapulted within his grasp. But can someone who is hardly a man ever truly be a knight?

The king is lonely: recently returned to court from an exile of his own to inherit a crown he never wanted, he lacks both friends and allies to ease the burden. And yet he’s fascinated by his newest knight, a man who carries secrets along with his sword, and fascination quickly turns to longing. When Bisclavret is seemingly killed by a wolf, the weight of the king’s grief almost destroys him. He swears to have his vengeance, but at the height of the hunt he encounters an animal that seems too intelligent to be the violent beast he seeks. One might even say it has the mind of a man…

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